Zendesk x Zaius

Zaius is the world’s only B2C CRM that unifies all your customer data to design and deliver relevant interactions across channels. Connecting Zendesk and Zaius turbo-charges your customer experience.

Creating the Relevant Customer Experience

There is clearly a new retail imperative to lead with service, and immerse relevance throughout the customer service engagement. Working with the Zendesk Sunshine platform, Zaius is bringing Service-led Retail to life. All the rich customer data – including customer profile data, browsing history and even behavioral predictions – is made available for brands to put into the hands of service agents through the Zendesk’s open platform, Sunshine. This represents a true democratization of data across the retail organization. Now, data is accessible to the roles that require intelligence to deliver great experiences; no more data silos.

Complete View
of the Shopper

View Product Recommendations

Personalize the Experience

Zaius and Zendesk bring Service-Led Retail to life

With complete control of customer data, service agents can engage more deeply and personalize the customer experience:

  • Personalize Engagements with Product Recommendations
  • Recognize More Shoppers
  • See the Complete View of the Shopper

Customer-First CRM​

With a complete customer view contextualized to the agent: customer interaction, brands are turning a cost center into a satisfaction-boosting profit center. And, shoppers are winning too. Since agents have enhanced visibility, gone are the days of repeating information throughout the call or chat. Instead, the agent can act as a personal shopper, guiding a customer through a terrific experience.

Service-led Retail provides service teams with deeper data access and visibility. While engaged with a customer, agents have access to personalized product recommendations, browsing history and brand-specific data like loyalty status.

Augmenting Marketing Campaigns with Service Data

One-to-one service engagements are some of the most intimate opportunities you have with your shopper. With Zendesk ticket activity and satisfaction ratings integrated into Zaius CRM, marketers can create campaigns and more precisely segment shoppers for improved relevance.

Alright, ready to move your business foward?