Data Activations & Automation

A Consistent Experience Across Every Channel

What good is a CDP if you aren’t able to activate your data across every channel that matters?  That’s why Zaius makes it simple to design and orchestrate omnichannel campaigns that inject relevance into every touchpoint across marketing, commerce, and service. 

Reach Your Shoppers with a Consistent Message. Everywhere.

Your marketing revolves around your customer and so should the CDP powering your campaigns. Omnichannel Campaigns from Zaius allows you to reach your shoppers on any or all channels and delight them with a perfectly personalized 1-to-1 experience. Create a unified shopping experience with channels that are truly working together, centered around your customers.

Dynamically insert a relevant offer in your behaviorally triggered campaigns

Create a new revenue-driving channel that you can own with Zaius SMS

Roll out the red carpet on your website with personalized product recommendations

Create the perfect segment in Zaius and push to your Ad Tech channels

Turn your service agents into personal shoppers with access to their full shopping history

Push personalized content and offers to each shopper within your mobile app

Launching Complex Campaigns Shouldn’t be Complex

And it isn’t with Zaius. Because every campaign is centered around a rich unified customer profile, creating a campaign that reaches customers on the most impactful channels is a piece of cake. Whether it’s a one-time campaign or dynamically triggered by specific behaviors, you’re always just a few clicks away from driving more revenue.

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