Customer Segmentation

Powerful Segments that Drive More Revenue


Every marketer knows that customer segmentation is key to evolving from batch-and-blast to hyper-relevant behavioral campaigns. Zaius enhances your segmentation with deep customer insights and predictive recommendations derives from a data-science model built and tuned specifically to your business. 


Unlock New Revenue Generating Segments

Because Zaius links customer behaviors and attributes across channels and devices, the data available to you for segmentation and analysis is unmatched. Zaius’ flexible segment builder allows you to build any segment you can dream up: shoppers who browsed a specific product or category, women in a certain age range, or even of buyers who first visited from a Facebook ad campaign. The deeper the customer segmentation, the more relevant your messaging.

Engage Shoppers Throughout the Lifecycle

Zaius automatically segments your customers by lifecycle stage for more targeted messaging and analysis. Use lifecycle segmentation to win back lost customers, re-engage at-risk customers, and move one-time purchasers toward loyalty. With key metrics like the Average Order Value (AOV) by segment or the average time to second purchase, you’ll know exactly where to focus your efforts.

Unleash Powerful Segments Built on Data-Science

Zaius analyzes all of your customer data, from customer purchase history to anonymous and browsing behavior, and builds a continuous self-learning data model that surfaces predictions and insights. Target by predictive likelihood to purchase, isolate the exact product to promote to each shopper, and improve campaign results in every dimension by automating campaigns around these insights in just a few clicks. 

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