Customer Profile

One Unified Profile for
Every Shopper.

Putting your shopper at the center of everything starts with unifying your data into one actionable customer profile.

Data is Better Together

Your shoppers interact with you at dozens of touchpoints, leaving behind a trail of disconnected data. Zaius brings this data together from any source – from marketing to commerce, loyalty, POS, app, and service. It’s stitched together and unified into a true customer profile that’s accessible by everyone in your organization.

Market to people, not cookies

The holy grail of ecommerce marketing is having an accurate profile for each and every shopper, and Zaius Activated CDP gives you just that. Now you know important things like each shoppers lifetime value, AOV, product page views from any device, propensity to buy, and their time to next order. You’ve never had a clearer view of who your customers are.

True Customer-Centricity

Zaius lets your marketing team live into that “customer-centric” motto we’ve all been preaching for years. Want to send a campaign to all female shoppers of a certain age who have a 75% likelihood to buy a specific product within the next two weeks? Want all of your support reps to understand the LTV of each person they speak with, in real-time, and even know what products they should offer a discount on as an incentive? With Zaius, your shoppers are always at the center.

Ready to start growing with Zaius Activated CDP?