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[Webinar] The Second Purchase is the Most Important

More than 80% of your one-purchase customers will not make a second purchase in 2017. Given that the fastest and most profitable path to revenue growth is through existing customers, to you that’s either a massive problem or a grand opportunity. It’s both. VIEW WEBINAR

7 Critical Campaigns for Ecommerce Marketers in 2017

In this whitepaper we identify 7 key campaigns that every ecommerce marketer should implement in 2017, provide tips and tricks for making them more effective, and even provide some winning examples for reference… FREE DOWNLOAD

The Why and How of Behavioral Marketing

“Behavioral marketing” is an increasing hot topic, at least if you believe Google. A search for the term returns 87,500 sites, which is quite a few for a relatively new and esoteric term. But a quick glance at these sites shows that they are not all talking about the same thing, and in fact many… FREE DOWNLOAD

5 Ways to Turn Holiday Shoppers into Loyal Customers

Online holiday shopping grew 3.1% last year and is expected to grow at an even higher rate in 2016 – but sadly, most holiday shoppers will make a single purchase, never to be heard from again. But you already knew that. What you may not know is that turning holiday shoppers into loyal customers is… FREE DOWNLOAD

A Marketer’s Guide to Cross-Channel Attribution

Measuring the impact of your marketing with metrics like clicks, opens, visits, and conversions is no longer enough. Channel-centric measurement does not align with your business goals which more commonly are aligned with driving repeat purchases and customer loyalty. It’s time to upgrade the way you measure your marketing and attribute its success – and… FREE DOWNLOAD

4 Steps to Maximizing Customer Lifetime Value

By simply using some rough approximation of customer lifetime value to justify acquisition spend, companies are focusing on the wrong side of the equation. What they don’t realize is that investing in maximizing customer lifetime value is the fastest and most profitable path to revenue growth. Unfortunately, even when it costs 5X more to acquire… FREE DOWNLOAD