Cross-Channel Campaign Automation

Customer-First Campaigns

Relevance is proven to deliver results and unlock stronger customer relationships. To deliver on this relevance mandate, brands must understand — and act on — customer behavior and preferences. With Zaius’ flexible and robust segmentation, you can create a precise audience in seconds, powered by data science. Context-aware personalization connects shoppers with the products, content, and offers that make your messages feel like a one-on-one conversation. Scale brand growth by automating the most engaging moments with behavioral triggers.

Precise and Flexible Segmentation

Put your customer data to work for you with endless segmentation possibilities. Combine your marketing expertise with the power of predictive intelligence to find the precise set of customers you need for messaging, reporting, or analysis. Plus, Zaius automatically segments your customer base by lifecycle stage to accelerate the path toward customer loyalty.

Powerful Behavioral Triggers

Anticipate your shopper’s every move with behavioral triggers. Powered by your precise segmentation and immersive personalization, send targeted messaging across channels to bring shoppers back, encourage a second purchase, or notify them about that must-have item. Marketing automation gives you the time back in your day to build even more intelligence into your marketing programs.

Product, Content, and Offer Personalization

Connect your shoppers with the most relevant products, content, and offers to stand out and deliver results. Powered by AI, context-aware product recommendations personalize your brand interactions, serving your customers what they want, exactly when they want it.

Evolve Beyond Your ESP with Zaius

Coordinated Cross-Channel Engagement

Bring your brand to the shopper, wherever she is. Go beyond email into productive places and channels including web push and app push. Attract more new-to-you shoppers by syncing your dynamic segments with social channels for hyper-relevant lookalike ads.