Fox Rent-A-Car Case Study

How Fox-Rent-A-Car Is Speeding up Business with Zaius

Leading leisure car rental company, Fox Rent-A-Car, focuses on serving budget-conscious travelers in the U.S. and around the world. Since launching advanced segmentation and automation with Zaius, Fox Rent-A-Car not only has seen a 300% YoY increase in email revenue, it also successfully restored their email deliverability.

Prior to working with Zaius, Fox Rent-A-Car used a marketing automation platform that lacked the segmentation capabilities needed to maintain a healthy sender reputation which resulted in a large amount of email being routed to spam folders. Steve Mosinski, Head of Global Marketing,  joined the company after the initial implementation of Zaius and brought about formidable positive changes by organizing campaign schedules, optimizing send times, and A/B testing email content and design.

Restoring Deliverability 

By the time Fox Rent-A-Car began using Zaius, they were emailing over a million people multiple times a week. As with every large list, it was a challenge to identify bad email addresses and disengaged customers, which led to high hard bounce rates and a high percentage of spam trap hits. This, consequently, eroded their sender reputation. In October 2018, the team took a leap of faith and decreased send volumes (to as low as 200,000!) in order to send in smaller batches and optimize deliverability. The team scrubbed their database to get rid of stale emails and began segmenting their customer base with Zaius’ data science-driven customer metrics. Partnering with Zaius Customer Success, they monitored deliverability improvement and started adding back contacts to the list on a monthly basis. Their sender reputation has been steadily improving and they have reduced spam trap hits by 98% due to their list hygiene practices and Zaius’ segmentation capabilities. The team’s goal is to build up to one million reachable contacts again by the end of 2020. 

Winning Campaigns

“We had tremendous success focusing on our customers in our emails and providing logical actions within our email campaigns,” says Steve, referring to their highly relevant and beautifully designed emails. “I love the flexibility of the Zaius platform and that it allows us to create these campaigns. And I love the investment our CSM, Alex Whitney, has in our brand.”

At the moment, Steve is running four major ongoing campaigns: He sends out newsletters with the week’s specials, follows up with browse abandoners and car reservation abandoners, and manages an extremely successful location-specific post-purchase campaign. The post-purchase emails are segmented based on the recipients’ travel destinations and they share fun information and blog posts about the travelers’ destination. Steve has shared that these campaigns generate an incredible average of 32% open rate, 6% click rate, 21% conversion rate. With fantastic metrics like that, it’s no surprise that Steve loves looking at his campaigns’ performances: “My favorite view in Zaius is the Campaign Metrics page where the analytics are immediately available to me. Sometimes it’s the first thing I look at in the morning.” 

What’s Next?

Steve and the Fox Rent-A-Car team are ahead of the game, and nothing stands in their way of delighting their customers. As of November 2019, the team has been running an evergreen campaign that distributes information on products and services. The emails go out every Tuesday and focus on one of the four topics of value, loyalty, geography, or vehicle fleet type. And as the market changes, the team will adjust the topics of this flow to remain relevant to their customers.

“I love the flexibility of the Zaius platform and that it allows us to create these campaigns. And I love the investment our CSM, Alex Whitney, has in our brand.

Steve Mosinski

Head of Global Marketing, Fox Rent-A-Car