15 Cart Abandonment Email Examples that Really Work

How many of your shoppers abandon their carts?

While the number varies widely depending on the business, the product price point, and the industry, cart abandonment an issue for every single ecommerce brand.

Even if your checkout process is flawless and your cart abandonment rate is low, you should always work to win back those buyers with the right cart abandonment email strategy that drives urgency.

So how do you get customers to come back and buy? With a combination of cart abandonment emails coordinated with retargeting ads, you can re-capture the customers you lost on your ecommerce site the first time.

But some cart abandonment emails work better than others in terms of regaining lost sales. To help you win back customers efficiently, we’ve put together a list of very best 15 abandoned cart email examples we’ve seen that stand out and really work.

If you need some inspiration for your brand’s email marketing, check out these fantastic cart abandonment email examples and get your conversion rates on the rise.

1. Moschino

Moschino’s cart abandonment email is simple and straightforward, but the copy is strong and concise, the graphics are striking and on brand, and the CTA is eye-catching and positioned at the very top. There is an additional (but differently worded) CTA positioned below the items the customer has in their cart as a further reminder to return to complete the purchase. Making it as easy as possible for a customer to return to their basket is key in ensuring high conversion rates.

2. Chubbies

All your marketing communications need to be exactly on brand, even cart abandonment emails. Chubbies excels at this, with quirky text and an image that perfectly complements the words and the style of the brand. The company also creates CTAs out of the image and the title, to make it as easy as possible for customers to click through and pick up where they left off.

3. Whisky Loot

Sometimes all consumers need is a reminder of why they were browsing your site. This abandoned cart email example from whiskey club Whisky Loot does exactly that. It leads with 14 –– useful and funny –– points on why the customer should complete their purchase, while also providing specific information on how the Whisky Loot box works, and the ability to contact customer service by simply replying to the email. Whisky Loot also has a strong subject line: “Your cart is sobering up”. The only way this email could be improved is by adding specific information on what the customer has abandoned in their cart.

4. Winc

Cheers to the alcohol club memberships, as wine club Winc also does a good job with its cart abandonment email. Winc offers an incentive to the customer to return to complete their purchase. In this case, it’s $20 off your first order if you complete the purchase. Just remember to use discounts sparingly and thoughtfully, instead of always using them as your first point of call when attracting new customers. Like Moschino, this abandoned cart email example also has two clear CTAs to improve conversion rates.

5. Farfetch

If you’re going the route of offering a discount, make sure it’s not in the first abandoned cart email you send. Another marketing tactic to try is to encourage customers to complete the purchase by putting an expiration date on the offer (a bit of FOMO never hurt anyone). Online luxury fashion platform Farfetch puts a countdown timer in its email as a visual reminder of the urgency of this offer.

6. Brooklinen

You can also offer incentives without resorting to discounts immediately to win back buyers. Brooklinen offers free shipping as a way to entice customers back to their site, as well as including associated products for upsell and cross-sell opportunities. There are also lots of CTAs that stand out, and even the opportunity to read more about the brand through an “As Featured In” section.

7. Doggy Loot

Pet supplier Doggy Loot creates urgency in this email to entice customers to buy, but in a different way. This email uses the tactic of suggesting the items the customer put in their cart are almost sold out (whether that’s true or not, we can’t verify). If you’re a dog owner, you’re also unlikely to be able to resist the cute canine they feature in the email. Tugging at heartstrings is always a viable marketing technique!

8. Casper

Mattress retailer Casper nails it in terms of creating an attention-grabbing headline for this cart abandonment email. The company also includes amusing user reviews to great effect here, although the review picked out doesn’t really relate to the customer. To improve this email, Casper should personalize the user review shown based on the items in the customer’s basket.

9. Worx

If you want to make the best use of your data on customers’ browsing and shopping habits, you should use browsing abandonment emails to complement shopping cart abandonment emails. This email from gardening equipment brand Worx reminds customers of items they have recently viewed, as well as upselling more expensive products and cross-selling products that could be used in conjunction with the items the customer was browsing.

10. J.Crew

This abandoned cart email example from J.Crew allows customers to return to their entire basket and/or to return to purchase the individual items within their basket. It also attempts to cross-sell and upsell products by providing clear CTAs to new lines, and style inspiration, at the bottom of the email.

11. Dot & Bo

Furniture brand Dot & Bo also cross-sells in its cart abandonment email, as well as providing links to sales collections. What makes this email stand out is the inclusion of its referral program at the bottom, which provides an incentive for the customer to complete their order and promotes the program to new buyers.

12. Target

You don’t have to just send cart abandonment emails a day or two after a customer leaves your site; you can keep them in mind for several weeks afterward. That way, if the price of a product drops, you can let you customers know. That’s exactly what Target does with its “new price alert” email. You can either decide to manually drop the price of an item at the time so you can trigger these emails, or you can wait until an item naturally goes on sales.

13. Ghurka

Personalized emails done well get results, and that includes cart abandonment emails. Ghurka personalizes its emails by adding in the customer’s’ name as well as the specific product they’ve left behind. The company also includes the name of the customer service agent to give it the feel of a person to person interaction — not just an email.

14. Kurt Geiger

Kurt Geiger combines an abandoned cart email with information on an upcoming sale. The brand chooses to put the visual component and the emphasis of the sale above the information about what is left in the customer’s basket. While this will attract their customers’ attention with a clear, well-designed newsletter, it may lead the user to wait until the sale to make a purchase, rather than completing their original purchase at full price.

15. Dollar Shave Club

While this approach won’t work for everyone, if you can offer a trial period for your product, make sure you highlight it clearly in your cart abandonment email like Dollar Shave Club does here. This is also an example of a very visual, eye-catching email, with clear CTAs, and the benefits listed right up top.

Hopefully, all of these cart abandonment email examples inspired you to make your own emails the very best they can be. But keep in mind, all of the hard work of coming up with a design and crafting the perfect copy will fall apart if you don’t have the tech in the backend on point.

It doesn’t matter how good a newsletter is if there are broken links or you can’t take a customer right back to their basket. That’s why it’s crucial to not only proofread all copy, but also to test all links, and check out how it looks on different sized devices, as well as A/B test it. Only then will you have an abandoned cart email that really drives results.

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