3 Keys to A Customer-Centric Welcome Series

It can be tough for marketers to know exactly how to interact with a new customer who’s just begun engaging with your brand. Many welcome campaigns shy away from any sort of personalization, instead delivering generic content that’s based on mere demographic info (time from conversion, for example). According to a marketing automation performance report… View More

Making The Most of A Flash Sale

Marketers understand that alerting customers to discounts on future purchases, low inventory, and other promotional offers is a great way to encourage transactions and drive increased conversions. After all, a customer who sees a “Limited Time Offer” will often try to act quickly, in the interest of not missing out on those deals. And the… View More

Loyalty Isn't Just About Purchases

Loyalty programs tend to focus on driving customers to buy, which makes a lot of sense for most companies. But what if a traditional purchase isn’t how your business makes money? For example, social networks monetize eyeballs, not transactions. Online games monetize in-game behavior in various ways. You get the idea. The point is that… View More

5 Must-Attend Sessions at IRCE 2016

This year’s Internet Retailer Conference + Exhibition (IRCE) from June 7-10 is fast-approaching, and we couldn’t be more excited to hear from industry leaders during the sessions and at the trade show. At Zaius, we believe that customer-centricity is critical to every marketer – the key to succeeding in the marketing space is the the… View More

Welcome Emails: The Dos and Don’ts of Making A Strong First Impression

Congratulations – a new customer has just made their first purchase from your brand! But don’t rest on your laurels just yet. The window of time immediately following a first-time purchase or subscription is a critical one. If you don’t engage with new customers in the right way, you run the risk of turning them… View More

"The Marketing Cloud Is A Crazy Notion," According To One Almost-Correct CMO

And Lark, Xero CMO, makes an argument during a Venturebeat webinar that the “marketing cloud is a crazy notion” – and he almost nails it. To summarize his point, an effective marketing team requires numerous technologies to be effective – too many for any one suite or cloud – and utilizes multiple solutions to create… View More

Cognitive Biases: Status Quo Bias

Status Quo Bias is an emotional bias that refers to a resistance to change. When faced with a decision, a lot of people tend to see the current status quo as a baseline of sorts, one that is therefore preferable to any other alternative – being creatures of habit, we’re often reluctant to deviate from… View More

Complete Customer Profile Data

As your customers find new ways to interact with your business, it becomes increasingly important to go beyond traditional web analytics and standard newsletter emails. The marketers who understand their customers better, market better. Zaius helps you connect the dots of your customer data and gain insights on how to market better. To start, Zaius… View More

The Zaius Engagement Lifecycle

Today’s digital marketers need to be empowered to see every one of their customers, understand where they are in the customer journey, and view the impact of session frequency and recency on any engagement that is key to the business. That’s why we’ve created our new Engagement Lifecycle. Analysis of Engagement Lifecycle Stage Zaius’s Engagement… View More

Real-Time Marketing: Why A Second Too Long Is Far Too Late

On April 20th, 2016, our CEO Mark Gally spoke with to discuss the importance of working in real-time in the behavioral marketing arena. Too many marketers today fail to reach out to customers at peak engagement, instead settling for a campaign or a follow-up email after they’ve left their session. If you’re not connecting… View More