Using Behavioral Marketing to Maximize Customer Lifetime Value

Despite understanding the importance of behavioral marketing, today most marketing is based on siloed, narrow views of each customer. In the interest of saving time and resources many marketers are optimizing messaging based on a small range of actions and behaviors – or, in most cases, based on mere demographic info (such as age, gender,… View More

How to Decrease Acquisition Costs

Question: Are you overspending on acquisition? The answer is likely yes – most marketers are still allocating close to 80% of their annual budget towards acquisition efforts, despite knowing that it not only costs anywhere between 5-7 times more to acquire a new customer than it does to keep a current one, but that current… View More

How to Increase Conversions and Maximize CLTV

Most marketers know that it’s critical to keep costs of acquisition lower than a customer’s eventual lifetime value (CAC < CLTV) - but the biggest problem with this kind of thinking is that it focuses too heavily on acquisition. If you’re not thinking beyond your customer’s first purchase with your brand, you’re not thinking in... View More

WHITEPAPER: 4 Steps to Maximizing Customer Lifetime Value

We recently published a whitepaper geared towards helping marketers calculate and maximize customer lifetime value (CLTV), a metric that is generally not being utilized to greatest effect by most brands today. Today’s marketers are continuing to overspend on acquiring new customers and underspend on measuring and increasing customer lifetime value. When you’re not focusing your… View More

Customer Behavior and The Starbucks Rewards Program

In February of this past year, Starbucks announced that they were making a significant change to the structure of their customer loyalty program. Previously, Starbucks Rewards gave customers loyalty points for each purchase they made, regardless of the purchase’s price. But as of several months ago, Starbucks has shifted from rewarding “# of purchases” to… View More

Time Pressure in Mobile Marketing – And Really Understanding Your Customers

Behavioral marketing is all about understanding the unique needs that customers have, and reaching each customer with the right message at the right time. And as the mobile channel continues its rapid growth, marketers need to be able to be as agile with communications on mobile as on other channels. When you’re able to send… View More

Press Release: Zaius Raises $8 Million to Fuel Explosive B2C CRM Customer Growth

New funds will be used to grow sales and marketing, further increase the ease and speed of integration, and expand partnerships. Boston – June 15, 2016 – Zaius, the only CRM built for the scale and velocity of business-to-consumer (B2C) marketers, today announced it has closed an $8 million investment led by _Underscore.VC, with participation… View More

3 Questions Marketers Need to Ask Before Sending An Email

Today’s email marketer faces tough odds. What used to be a simple, straightforward channel of communication is now crowded with irrelevant messages: today, spam composes roughly 85% of inboxes worldwide. It’s now become incredibly time-consuming to wade through unnecessary messages, and it’s difficult for email to serve its originally-intended purpose. And yet, email isn’t “dying”… View More

Cognitive Biases: Hyperbolic Discounting

As the old saying goes, “A bird in hand is worth two in the bush.” That’s exactly the mentality that drives hyperbolic discounting. This is a psychological phenomenon that causes many people to strongly prefer immediate validation over a delayed — but higher-value — payoff. This cognitive bias often leads to people choosing a smaller… View More

Modeling Your Marketing After Social Media

It goes without saying that social media is a powerful way for customers to have control over their interactions and the content that they receive – according to Edison Research, 56% of Americans have a profile on at least one, if not multiple, social media sites. And with each click and share, customers are able… View More