A Customer’s Second Purchase Is More Important Than Their First

Few things bring as much satisfaction to a marketer as learning that a new customer has made their first purchase – it’s like getting a gold star at the end of the buying cycle. But what happens if that customer buys once, and only once? If you’re not careful, a first purchase could be a… View More

Customer-Centric Data: How The Internet of Things Is Empowering Marketers

Zaius CEO Mark Gally recently published an article in MarTech Advisor discussing the role of the internet of things (IoT) in helping marketers collect higher-level customer data. With IoT, marketers can source insights from customer behaviors and learn about each user’s unique preferences and needs, and then meet those needs as they surface for better… View More

Customer-Centric Data In An Omni-Channel World

For marketers today, the challenge is real: we spend countless hours trying to connect the dots of customer behavior. Whether it’s cross-channel, cross-media, cross-device, you name it; we struggle with piecing together customer journeys and are not able to fully optimize our efforts accordingly. Shockingly, only 42% of businesses are even able to measure the… View More

Increase Repeat Purchases With Cross-Category Intelligence

Relying on a standard personalization engine to source insights isn’t enough for marketers to conduct truly effective attribution. If you’re trying to uncover key behavioral insights, a personalization engine will only do so as far as it’s able to based on the specific rules that a marketer provides – because today, most personalization engines still… View More

Optimizing Mobile's Role In The Customer Experience

For both brick-and-mortar stores, online-only brands, and everything in between, the mobile channel has become increasingly critical to each customer’s shopping journey. Yet many marketers continue to underestimate the importance of mobile traffic, simply because there’s a large discrepancy between the number of customers who engage on mobile and those who end up making a… View More

Using Purchase Frequency to Drive CLTV

Improving the value of each order is one of the most effective ways to impact a customer’s lifetime value with your brand. While marketers could certainly take efforts to increase the price tag on every order – and there are ways to do so effectively that optimize CLTV – this only has the greatest impact… View More

Your Mobile Engagement Strategy Is Probably Wrong

Given the increasing number of customers who are using mobile as their primary channel of engagement, there’s significant buzz around taking a “mobile-first” approach to engagement, including creating native apps and app-related messaging. Solutions have popped up that heavily promote push messaging capabilities, in-app messaging, and possibly wallet features. There has been a general rush… View More

3 Ways to Maximize Average Order Value

A customer’s Average Order Value – or AOV – is a key input to their eventual lifetime value. Marketers don’t need to be told why encouraging customers to spend more per purchase is beneficial from an ROI standpoint – the more your customer spends per purchase, the more likely you are to make up the… View More

Your CLTV Calculations Are Useless If You Don’t Segment Your Customers

By now, you hopefully understand that determining customer lifetime value – or CLTV – is the best way to understand which customers will be most likely to spend during their relationship with your B2C brand. There are millions of ways to calculate CLTV, each with variations that account for different LTV factors, and behavioral marketers… View More