Updates to Facebook Live Present A Huge Opportunity For Marketers

Facebook’s Live Video capabilities – which are still relatively new – are a great way for marketers to source real-time insights about where customers are the content they’re interacting with. Because Facebook Live tracks the exact moment when someone is watching a video, marketers can source insights in-the-moment and reach out with maximum relevance. Facebook… View More

Capturing and Responding To Multi-Device Moments

According to, 84% of shoppers use their mobile devices before or during a visit to a brick-and-mortar store, and a Google report says roughly 90% of people move between devices to accomplish a single goal. While some marketers are using this information to drive their multi-channel marketing approach, few are actually cashing on those… View More

How One Retailer Completely Turned Me Off With Their Email Program

[To learn more about our research into the digital marketing strategies of top brands, click here for a summary.] As part of our research into the pros and cons of today’s top brands, we created an account with a discount retailer that specializes in casual apparel and accessories for young men and women. Over the… View More

Grading Top Retailers' Digital Marketing

Every marketer’s goal should be to understand what each customer wants at a granular level, and then create an experience that prioritizes those unique preferences. But despite claiming to be customer-first, many top brands are still missing key opportunities to source behavioral insights and engage with their customers in contextually-relevant ways. Clearly, the question of… View More

WHITEPAPER: The Marketer’s Guide to Cross-Channel Attribution

We’re excited to announce the publication of our latest whitepaper: “The Marketer’s Guide to Cross-Channel Attribution.” Most marketers today are measuring the success of their content and campaigns based on the number of clicks and opens they receive – surface-level metrics like that are not only insufficient for understanding what your customers’ preferences are, but… View More

How Chipotle Is Handling Churn-to-Engage

Many Americans remember the infamous E.coli outbreak that closed the doors on a large number of Chipotle locations. Chipotle, a chain that made a very vocal promise to serve “food with integrity” and that previously saw cult-like levels of customer loyalty, has now lost a large number of customers in light of this and other… View More

Being More Customer-Centric With Trends and Data in Targeted Marketing

In July 2016, Zaius CTO Spencer Pingry contributed a piece to CIO Review about how marketers can capitalize on current trends in targeted marketing and data collection. In the piece, Pingry discusses how the sheer number of solutions available to marketers (nearly four thousand different vendors in 2016) is making it increasingly difficult to unify… View More

Are You Waiting Too Long to Maximize CLTV?

According to a 2016 Econsultancy survey, 80% of survey respondents consider “real-time” to be 2 minutes or less. Unfortunately, many marketers still wait hours or even days after a customer has expressed interest or intent to purchase to re-engage them. Maximizing a customer’s lifetime value certainly isn’t a one-step process, but if marketers don’t optimize… View More

The Zaius Performance Dashboard

Today’s marketers need to go beyond visits, opens, clicks, and conversions to understand which campaigns are driving performance against actual business goals, regardless of channel or device. That’s why we’re excited to announce our new Performance Dashboard. What Is It? Cross-channel and cross-device – or omnichannel – attribution means understanding the campaigns that are truly… View More

The Key to Loyalty Is In The Small Steps

Every marketer wants to do whatever they can to encourage a customer to make a purchase. But too often, marketers become so focused on that finish line at the end of the customer’s lifecycle, that they end up trying to push the customer to get to that point as soon as possible. In the interest… View More