3 Ways to Manage Customer Relationships in Subscription-Based Retail

In traditional ecommerce, customer management is typically done on a per-purchase basis. However, getting a customer to purchase more than 3 times after their first purchase is critical to ensuring their loyalty. With each new browsing session or purchase, marketers receive a new wealth of behavioral customer data with which to further personalize their campaigns… View More

Does Cart Abandonment Not Matter on Cyber Monday?

Several weeks ago we published the results of a Black Friday/Cyber Monday email audit, describing the trends we saw in promotional emails for this year’s Thanksgiving sales. Alongside this audit, we were also observing the cart abandonment strategies of a few retailers by abandoning merchandise in mobile shopping carts – by pure coincidence, we ended… View More

Browse Abandonment vs. Cart Abandonment

We’ve discussed cart abandonment emails as being “Marketing 101,” and the fact that it’s critical for brands to be able to reach out the moment when a specific product is left behind in a shopping cart for maximum contextual-relevance and for the biggest chance of saving the sale. But only a small number of retailers… View More

The Dangers of Relying Solely on Demographic Info

The beginning of my experience with a retailer that specialized in outdoor workwear for men and women started off promisingly. In addition to asking for my name and email address, the brand gave me the option of noting whether I’d prefer to receive products geared towards men or women. It seemed like a good sign… View More

How to Increase Email Subscribers Through Private Sales

To learn more about what various retailers are doing to promote their holiday sales, we created an account with an online catalog that has a wide selection of gadgetry and gift items. I provided the brand with my email address on November 21, in response to a “Sign Up For Email Updates” bar at the… View More

Is Pinterest the Original "Data Cache"?

Pinterest, the popular bookmarking platform for product exploration and shopping inspiration, has chiefly been known for having the biggest impact on the discovery phase of the customer lifecycle. Research by Millward Brown Digital reported that 93% of visitors will visit Pinterest specifically for help with planning a purchase, and 87% will decide to buy something… View More

Why Was Marketing For This Year’s Thanksgiving Sales So Lazy?

While Black Friday used to be a huge day for brick-and-mortar shoppers, more and more customers are moving away from physical stores in favor of online sales. According to an Adobe report, online Thanksgiving sales rose 18% from 2015 to 2016, as just one part of the general year-by-year rise in holiday shopping and end-of-year… View More