How The Best Retailers Handle Subscription Cancellations

The definition of “churn” is a bit different in subscription retail than it is in traditional per-purchase ecommerce – rather than simply choosing to stop engaging, a customer needs to actively reach out and let the retailer know that they want to cancel their subscription. If retailers haven’t already been keeping an eye out for… View More

3 Ways to Improve Your Repetitive Abandonment Campaigns

Imagine the following scenario: A customer is looking at a product on your website. They don’t end up buying the item, but they either put it in a cart for later (cart abandonment), or they simply walk away from the product page (browse abandonment). Either way, they’ve demonstrated some amount of interest in this particular… View More

Collecting Customer Data in Subscription-Based Retail

A fundamental part of subscription-based retail is the personalization aspect – where per-purchase retailers have the opportunity to use browsing data to personalize product recommendations (though according to Marketingland, only 13% of retailers take advantage of this information!), subscription-based retailers need to learn what they can about their customers before the first product delivery, in… View More

WHITEPAPER: 7 Critical Campaigns for Ecommerce Marketers in 2017

By now, marketers know that with the seemingly endless proliferation of channels and devices from which to communicate with customers, it’s increasingly important to deliver a cohesive and relevant shopping experience. And when you can keep up with your customers across multiple touchpoints, you stand a much better chance of converting more of those first-time… View More

WEBINAR: How Agencies Can Partner with Zaius to Drive Revenue

WHEN: Wednesday, Feb. 1 from 2PM – 3PM (EST) Click here to register! In this webinar, we’ll walk you through the benefits of partnering with Zaius to give your clients the next-level marketing platform. Our Agency Partner Program makes it easy to add value to your clients’ marketing experiences while at the same time maximizing… View More

The Best Subject Lines For Cart Abandonment Emails

Here’s a scary statistic for you: on average, three in four carts are abandoned by the customer. But here’s something that may make you feel a bit better: according to research by Barilliance, a customer who abandoned a cart and then is successfully remarketed spends, on average, 55% more money on their order than the… View More

Why and How to Stop Batch-and-Blast Marketing

During the Thanksgiving sales period, we performed an audit of Black Friday/Cyber Monday emails sent over a 6-day period from 26 different brands. This audit was intended to understand holiday email trends and best practices, as well as to uncover opportunities for marketers to engage customers more effectively – especially during key shopping periods and… View More

The Key to Effective Cart Abandonment Campaigns

By now, customers usually know what to expect when they receive a cart abandonment campaign from a retailer – the standard campaign is usually a “Forgot Something?”-style email campaign, with a link back to the product abandoned during the checkout process and an invitation to complete their purchase and language like “Hurry back before it’s… View More

The Dos and Don’ts of the Retail Checkout Process

Did you know that 46% of abandoned carts happen on the checkout page? Most marketers are aware of the infamous statistic that three of every four abandoned carts on ecommerce sites can be recovered – provided the marketer reaches out while customer engagement is at its peak, and remedies whatever point of friction prevented the… View More

The Problem With Using Online Campaigns to Drive Brick-and-Mortar Traffic

As marketers wrap up campaigns for 2016’s Thanksgiving sales, retailers are citing record lows for in-store traffic on Black Friday this year. Customers are increasingly moving online to complete their holiday shopping, and what was previously one of the biggest days for in-store shopping is struggling to see the same level of engagement. Even though… View More