The Dos and Don’ts of Web Push

Web push (considered browser’s answer to mobile app push) is an effective way to reach customers with the right message in “real real-time,” – which is especially critical, since according to Aimtell the majority of people only check their email 1-3 times per day. With web push, it becomes easier to guarantee your web shoppers… View More

How 3 Retailers Use Mobile Apps to Creatively Encourage Engagement

Customers who shop on mobile do so with a different mindset than they do on any other channel. Research has shown that shoppers increasingly use mobile for early-stage browsing and discovery, then will switch to a different device to actually complete the purchase. And furthermore, Searchmetrics reported that during the 2016 holiday shopping season, 1… View More

Attention, Subscription Retailers: Don’t Underestimate The Value of Social Media

Marketers and customers alike are aware that subscription retail – specifically monthly subscription boxes, where customers pay for a box of curated themed items – has exploded in popularity over the past several years. Retailers are citing a huge increase in website visits as shoppers become more and more curious about this new arena of… View More

How to Effectively Personalize the Subscription Experience

Subscription retail has exploded onto the marketplace over the past few years – even as long ago as 2014, subscription boxes were being hailed as the new face of shopping, and the industry has only grown more popular since with close to 22 million visits to subscription websites per month. Birchbox, Dollar Shave Club, Harry’s,… View More

Using Web Push to Turn Anonymous Shoppers Into Identified Customers

When a customer comes to your website, the marketing impulse is to reach out as soon as possible and collect their email address. Marketers know that an email address is currency – it allows for identification of each shopper and an increased ability to engage – so the vast majority of brands will ask for… View More

How to Re-Engage At-Risk Subscription Customers Before Cancellation

“Why do you want to cancel your subscription?” “What happened?” “Anything we can do?” These are just a few of the many different messages that subscription retailers send to customers who have churned. What they have in common is the thread of desperation running through them, due to each brand scrambling to offer a last-chance… View More

5 Ways to Creatively Leverage Web Push

Engaging with customers in real-time is critical to forming a strong relationship and maximizing customer lifetime revenue. But until now, real-time engagement on the web has been challenging, if at all possible – even the most immediate follow-up email is still dependent upon your customer checking their inbox. The solution? Web push notifications. Numerous marketing… View More

The Zaius Email Designer

  Everything we do at Zaius is with a goal of empowering the marketer. That’s why we’re thrilled to announce the new Zaius Email Designer – or as our team affectionately refers to it, ZED. Our new email editor combines the flexibility and power of our legacy email designer with the simplicity and ease-of-use of… View More

3 Ways to Retain Customers In Subscription Retail

Right now, the popularity of the subscription-box industry is at a peak. Internet Retailer reported that subscription-based retail has grown by nearly 3000% in the past 3 years, and is expected to continue climbing well into 2017. But unfortunately, many subscription retailers still struggle with customer retention long-term – some brands report churn rates as… View More