6 Dos and Don’ts of Winback Campaigns

It’s a marketer’s worst nightmare: for whatever reasons, a once repeat customer on your email list has stopped engaging with your brand entirely and has now falling into the category of “inactive subscriber.” Maybe it’s been over six months, or maybe even a year, but either way the relationship has gone cold and you weren’t… View More

How to Send Effective Web Push Notifications

Web push is a fantastic communication channel, and an effective way to engage with your buyers in real-time. Where email is still largely at the mercy of a customer’s delay in opening and reading each message, web push allows marketers to deliver campaigns exactly when a customer needs them, in a way that creates urgency… View More

Using Mobile Push to Better Engage Customers on Your App

Especially during early stages of purchasing intent and consideration, customers are more often found using mobile devices than desktop – so much so that Marketingland reported that mobile now represents 65% of digital media time, with desktop becoming a “secondary touchpoint.” And whether a customer is using their phone to browse a store’s website or… View More

How to Create Urgency in Cart Abandonment with Web Push

Web push notifications (also known as browser push notifications) have proven to be an effective means of engaging customers in “real real-time” and creating a sense of urgency in your marketing messages. For this reason, it’s often used for time-sensitive notifications like flash sale alerts, reminding customers about events or broadcasts, or notifying customers about… View More

5 Ways to Incentivize The Second Purchase

A customer has just made their first purchase with your brand – certainly a moment to celebrate as a marketer. But the journey isn’t over. Without further nurturing from your brand, the vast majority of customers will be a one-time buyer, and then disappear: and it’s important to remember that 80% of a brand’s revenue… View More

Trying to Drive a First Purchase? Remind Customers of Welcome Offers

Your welcome message is the very first interaction a customer has with your brand. As such, it better be good. If you don’t currently have a welcome campaign in place or haven’t put much thought into implementing one, now is the time to improve it. When a new shopper provides you with an email address… View More

How Larger Retailers Can Benefit From The Subscription Model

Until recently, the vast majority of subscription boxes came from subscription brands – that is, brands that exclusively sell curated boxes of themed merchandise. We’ve seen hugely successful subscription services like Stitch Fix, Birch Box, and Dollar Shave Club, to name a few. But in the past year, many bigger brands decided to dip their… View More