3 Reasons Why Your Customers Need Browse Abandonment Campaigns

When a buyer browses a few of your product pages, what happens? If you’re like most ecommerce retailers, probably very little. Nearly all brands respond to cart abandonment with targeted email marketing, but very few respond to browse abandonment. Despite the fact that more customers than ever are window shoppers, browse abandonment campaigns are still… View More

Web Push Is A Channel For Improving the Customer Experience

Web push is still a relatively new channel, and unfortunately most marketers today are giving it a bad rap. The vast majority of marketers who are using web push are leveraging the channel incorrectly and ineffectively: they’re still sending the same batch-and-blast messages to all shoppers with no personalization, they’re ignoring moments of peak engagement… View More

Your Customer Is Ignoring Your Cart Abandonment Emails – Now What?

Most marketers know by now that when a shopper abandons merchandise in a shopping cart, it’s important to send a cart abandonment campaign almost immediately afterwards – it’s a tried-and-true best practice. And nearly 50% of all abandoned carts are recoverable when marketers deliver the right campaign – one that, ideally, is personalized to the… View More

The 4 Web Push Best Practices You Need to Follow

Web push is the next big thing in B2C marketing. Thanks to its “real real-time” nature, web push is one of the most effective ways for marketers to engage customers as they shop and deliver time-sensitive information. Not to mention, it’s something customers actually want — marketers who have deployed web push have seen up… View More

Driving Repeat Purchases With a Post-Purchase Thank You

Great news, one of your prospects has just made their first purchase! But your job isn’t done – quite the opposite, since a customer’s interest in your brand is at a peak immediately after they’ve made their first purchase. Marketers know that in ecommerce, the probability of selling to an existing customer is nearly ten… View More

Using Web Push to Re-Engage At-Risk Shoppers

Marketers who use web push notifications have a HUGE advantage. They can reach out to customers at the point of maximum relevance and communicate with customers in real-time during peak engagement. In fact, not using web push messages to improve your customers’ shopping experiences is wasting one of the most effective marketing channels you have… View More

Personalizing the Shopping Experience During a Browsing Session

Marketers know that personalizing content to each shopper’s unique needs and preferences is important. What they may not know is that irrelevant content is as dangerous as relevant content is important – missing a signal of intent, or failing to understand what your customer is looking for, could guarantee that a frustrated shopper never returns…. View More

3 Ways to Reengage Mobile Shoppers With Push

Push notifications are often overlooked by B2C marketers, and they shouldn’t be. They can be incredibly powerful in terms of driving engagement, and often have much higher conversion rates than email, paid ads, or any other customer interaction.  Because of its real-time nature, mobile push is best used for time-sensitive messaging and updates, including letting… View More

How to Focus Your Customer Acquisition on Higher-Value Shoppers

Even the most savvy digital marketers struggle with determining how to allocate their marketing budget intelligently, in a way that allows them to see the highest returns on investment without being saddled with equally high costs of acquisition. Marketers know that the costs of acquiring a shopper shouldn’t exceed that shopper’s eventual lifetime value with… View More