5 Must-Attend Sessions at IRCE 2016

This year’s Internet Retailer Conference + Exhibition (IRCE) from June 7-10 is fast-approaching, and we couldn’t be more excited to hear from industry leaders during the sessions and at the trade show. At Zaius, we believe that customer-centricity is critical to every marketer – the key to succeeding in the marketing space is the the ability to collect data about your customers’ actions and respond in a contextually-relevant way.

These are the 5 talks that you absolutely cannot miss at the IRCE this year:

1. Making Sure Your Technology Keeps You In Touch With Your Customers – Wherever They Are
Tuesday, June 7 – 11:15-12:15
Kathy Kimble of FitForCommerce and Kevin Ertell of Sur La Table

Claiming customer-centricity is one thing, but if you’re not able to capture each signal of intent across multiple devices, you won’t be able to communicate with them in a way that’s contextually-relevant. Kimble and Ertell will discuss the different options for leveraging technology solutions and behavioral marketing platforms, so you can determine which best suits the needs of your customers and then strive to meet those needs in real-time.

2. An Omnichannel Odyssey: Toppling Silos to Gain A 360-Degree View of The ShopperWednesday, June 8 – 11:00-11:30
Tiffany Cooley of Bon-Ton Stores

Your users are connected across multiple channels – web, mobile, in-store, social, etc. – but they want to have a single conversation with your brand across those channels. Cooley will explain how Bon-Ton is developing a data infrastructure that sources insights from each action, allowing for a more cohesive view of the customer, and moving towards an omnichannel model that’s less channel-centric and more customer-centric.

3. Five Paid Search Strategies For Capitalizing On Buyer IntentWednesday, June 8 – 1:15-1:45
Denis Coombes of ROI Revolution and Scott Tannen of Boll & Branch

Knowing what it is that your customers want is the only way to market to them effectively, and can be the difference between a click that leads to a conversion and a missed opportunity. Coombes and Tannen will talk about how paid search strategies can help marketers retarget ads to customers at different points in the shopping journey – including customers who are in danger of abandoning a cart and walking away from a sale.

4. The Secrets Behind 10x GrowthWednesday, June 8 – 1:15-1:45
Bryan Lalezarian of MeUndies and Robert J. Moore of RJMetrics

The companies that truly know what their customers want are best able to source insights about customer intent and drive repeat purchases. Industry statistics claim that only 32% of customers return for a second purchase, but the brands that know how to encourage actions that align with customer needs see the highest average customer lifetime value. Lalezarian and Moore will describe certain behavioral marketing tactics that increase repeat purchases and average order value, in a way that appeals to what customers already want from your brand.

5. How Your CRM Data Can Supercharge Paid Search And Social TargetingThursday, June 9 – 3:15-3:45
David Kornfield of Brooks Running

Do you know how to behaviorally segment your customers to accurately measure the lifetime value of your paid search and social marketing? Kornfield of Brooks Running will explain how effectively utilizing CRM data will empower marketers to have a holistic view of customer actions across channels and devices – which will, in turn, allow for the ability to more accurately target ads, create segments that look like your best customers, and strengthen the brand-user relationship.

While you’re at the IRCE, be sure stop by the Zaius trade show booth. We’d love to show you how our clients are using single, unified systems of customer records and drive massive increases in customer lifetime value. To learn more today, visit our website – or, talk to our Customer Success team at 877-658-2570 or sales@zaius.com.

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