Perfectly Coordinate Email Marketing With Paid Ads

A thoughtful omnichannel marketing strategy should be like a well-choreographed dance: perfectly in-sync. Your email, SERP, and paid social strategies should all complement each other, working in tandem to promote the same campaigns to the same audience across multiple channels in multiple ways. Unfortunately, most B2C marketers don’t do this. Many marketers naturally think about… View More

Keep Your Eye on the Customer Engagement

Are your customers truly engaged, or are they just coasting? Unless you’re keeping a close eye on customer interactions with your B2C brand, it’s impossible to know for sure. If some buyers slowly stop opening your emails and others visit your site less and less over time, would you notice immediately? If you’re not keeping… View More

Creative Ecommerce Email Triggers and How to Execute Them

It’s time to pull the trigger on your emails. Email triggers are an incredibly effective tactic for timely, personalized, and targeted emails to your buyers. In ecommerce, an email trigger could be anything from a single click on your website to a new product purchase. Inaction can even be a powerful trigger — if you… View More

The Inbox is Too Crowded: Find New Ways to Stand Out

If you ever want to spark a heated conversation, simply ask: “How many unread emails do you have in your inbox right now?” Then, get ready for a fierce competition between friends, family, or coworkers for who gets the most emails per day, and complaints about how tough it is to open, read, and respond… View More

7 Strategies to Drive Urgency in Your Ecommerce Marketing

Why should you care about urgency in ecommerce? Urgency is often what pushes a potential customer to click “Buy.” Ideally, a buyer sees your product and simply has to have it immediately. But in the real world, customers may take months or even years to warm up to your brand before buying. Without cultivating a… View More

Find the Perfect Black Friday Email Flow

If you’re like most B2C marketers, you’re probably already planning out the perfect email marketing strategy for Black Friday. It has to be fun, engaging, surprising, and — most of all — effective at driving new and repeat purchases. But how do you build out the perfect email flow to convert buyers? No week is… View More

How to Warm Up Your IP and Increase Email Deliverability

What exactly is IP warming? It’s the careful and deliberate process of building your email reputation from the ground up. If your ecommerce brand is just starting to send marketing emails to customers and prospects, or has recently changed email service providers (ESPs), it’s best practice to go through IP warming right away. This process… View More

The Power of Super Specific Customer Segmentation

Today’s customer segmentation isn’t your grandfather’s segmentation. (If your grandfather was a marketer.) Many people think of B2C marketing segmentation in just one way: separating buyers into chunks and emailing them a kind-of-personalized message. But with today’s technology, you can do so much more than send an email that says ‘Hi [Your name]’ along with… View More

WEBINAR: How Agencies Can Partner with Zaius to Drive Revenue

WHEN: Wednesday, Feb. 1 from 2PM – 3PM (EST) Click here to register! In this webinar, we’ll walk you through the benefits of partnering with Zaius to give your clients the next-level marketing platform. Our Agency Partner Program makes it easy to add value to your clients’ marketing experiences while at the same time maximizing… View More

Measuring Marketing Attribution is Easier Than You Think

Let’s talk a little bit about cross-channel attribution. Now, I don’t want to hurt your feelings, but I’ll be honest: you’ve probably been measuring your marketing mix wrong all this time. As Bob Dylan once said, “The times they are a-changin’” – and he couldn’t have been more spot-on. Well… he probably wasn’t referring to… View More