Become an Empowered B2C Marketer

What does it mean to be an empowered marketer?

Well, the Oxford English Dictionary defines empowerment as: “The process of becoming stronger and more confident, especially in controlling one’s life and claiming one’s rights.”

That sounds wonderful — you may think — but what does this have to do with B2C marketing? One crucial word: data.

If you’ve been working in B2C marketing for a while, we’re sure you’ve come across this situation: you want to run a marketing campaign with a 10% discount to tempt back customers who haven’t shopped with you in a while. You ran a similar campaign last year, and you want to know which channels were most successful and which demographics responded best, so you can optimize your new campaign.

You have the data, but it’s spread out across multiple platforms, in multiple locations. You export the data from each software platform, putting it into a giant spreadsheet and spending hours trying to make sense of it all. You think you may have found the answer, but you’re not completely sure. (Correlation doesn’t equal causation, after all.) And while you’ve spent so much time on the analysis, you haven’t had time to work on the creative or the copy for the campaign itself.

If this sounds familiar to you, you’re not alone. Many modern marketers struggle to get access to the data they need to make informed decisions and optimize their campaigns.

What you need to become is empowered.

Empowered B2C marketers can get this actionable insight themselves, without having to become a data scientist overnight. Empowered marketers are independent, able to work efficiently, and still have time to be creative. But most importantly, empowered marketers drive more revenue. Here’s how.

Get a single view of your customer

You can’t be an empowered marketer unless you truly understand your ecommerce customer. That’s not an easy feat today since most consumers no longer take a linear path to purchase. For example, buyers could:

  • Start off browsing anonymously on your mobile website
  • Check out your products on Instagram
  • Share their email to get a coupon code
  • Then, finally decide to buy

And this is a fairly simple buyer’s journey in B2C! If you’re storing all of this information in multiple systems such as your email marketing platform, your ecommerce platform, and your customer service platform, you’ll never truly get a picture of your customers and their preferences. That’s why marketers need a single view of the customer, and as importantly, ownership of it. By unifying all the different sources of information about your customer together in one place, you can see what they like in terms of products, communication channels, and so on, as well as how they like to shop. Then, you can start to use this data more easily — to better serve your customers’ needs.

Better automation, less manual work

Once you’ve got clarity on what kind of customer you have and how they want to be engaged, you can start to automate many of your marketing campaigns. Smart, empowered marketers understand that automation can save time and effort, allowing them to get away from the manual, annoying part of marketing and focus on the important, creative work.

Dynamic segmentation, for example, can be a huge boon for marketers. Instead of having to manually export customer segments each time you want to send out a new campaign, your segments automatically update as customers take action on your site, in real time. Another key area that can be automated is lifecycle marketing. Instead of having to manually batch and send welcome campaign emails to each new buyer, you can create a dynamic segment for new customers that automates that campaign. Your marketing is automatically triggered each time a customer carries out a certain action or reaches a certain point in the buyer’s journey.

With all these campaigns automated and driving real engagement with your buyers, you’re freed up to get more creative and try more inventive campaigns.

Make data-driven decisions

Empowered marketers not only know how to use technology to automate tasks, they also know how to use data effectively. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to communicating with customers, and there’s a certain element of trial and error. That’s why you need to run A/B tests on many aspects of your marketing to get an idea of what your customers want and don’t want, as well as why. With better and easier access to detailed marketing analytics, you can understand which campaigns worked, which didn’t, and help you make an educated guess as to why.

It’s not just about understanding — it’s also about acting on this knowledge. You can find out your top converting marketing campaigns, which sparks ideas for how to create even better campaigns in the future. You could also better understand:

  • The products customers are going wild for 
  • The emails you get the most traction from
  • The paid ad channels that work the best

This information enables you to test ideas around these products or write emails in a different way or improve your paid ads to get your customers to buy again. You need to test, test, and test again, while measuring and tracking the success of these changes, so you can reach your customers with the messages they want to hear, at the right time.

Get creative, and constantly improve

Now that you have a handle on your customer data, focused on automating key campaigns, and used analytics to test your creativity, you can become truly empowered. As an empowered marketer, you can now dedicate more time to doing what you are good at, what you enjoy, and what will have the most impact on your B2C business.

Marketers can really do it all. You can collect the data, get creative, test it, and repeat — all without too much manual effort. You can start to try new things, experiment with different channels to contact customers, try out some new campaigns, and much more. Having the right data at your fingertips allows you to try innovative ways of getting new customers and retaining your existing ones. You will always be learning from your past successes and failures, and hopefully having more fun as you do it!

It’s time to claim your rights as a marketer — become the Empowered Marketer you’ve always wanted to be.

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