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As your customers find new ways to interact with your business, it becomes increasingly important to go beyond traditional web analytics and standard newsletter emails. The marketers who understand their customers better, market better. Zaius helps you connect the dots of your customer data and gain insights on how to market better.

To start, Zaius automates customer data collection and creates a customer profile for everyone, automatically, including your anonymous customers – capturing all touch points throughout the customer journey.

The following is a sample customer created in our demo environment:


Zaius collects a number of key insights for every customer, including anonymous visitors who have yet to identify or make a purchase. These profiles are created as soon as data is collected, and updated in real-time when a new event happens.

One of the biggest challenges digital marketers face today is tracking and reporting on cross-channel and cross-device behavior. cross-deviceBy integrating Zaius properly, you can fill in some of the critical gaps in other analytics tools – making segments and campaigns smarter. Here is an example of how our demo customer Denise made a purchase on her computer, added something to cart on her mobile device and then purchased on her computer, followed by repeat engagements on her mobile device.

Because Zaius stores all the data within individual customer profiles, we eliminate the concern of sending shopping cart abandonment emails to customers who abandoned shopping carts on mobile devices and then purchased on other devices. This means you’ll reach more of the customers you need to reach with your highest converting marketing. To do this, Zaius recommends you do the following:

Zaius also collects customer preferences that you can use to create segments or drive personalized emails.


Every customer’s preferred categories, brands, products, or engagement channel preferences are stored and visualized in a number of different ways. At an individual customer profile view, you can see a single customer’s preferences.

In views like lifecycle you can see the preferences based on segment and behavior.

To optimize your segmentation and analysis, we highly recommend the following best practices when deploying:

With Zaius, the more data you add, the more value you can extract from the application. You can start to create segments based on customer lifetime value, and compare behaviors or KPIs of these different segments. ltv Zaius tracks all order/revenue data for every customer, so you can see lifetime value, average order value, and average product price. This type of analysis can help you determine the value of a segment, how to customize your marketing creative to appeal to different populations, and to improve personalization across channels.

Provided you follow these tips, your customer profiles should look fantastic and help you unlock all kinds of new insights about your customers and how they are engaging with your brand. As long as you’re capturing the data, Zaius helps make the data actionable so you can understand and influence your customer behavior throughout the lifecycle.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out directly. Our Customer Success team works tirelessly to help every customer achieve maximum value with Zaius.

~ Matt

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