Doubling Down on Growth, Welcoming Adriana Zeman to the Team

We’re thrilled to announce that Zaius has closed an additional $6.5 million as part of our previous round of funding. The investment was led by Underscore VC, with participation from Matrix Partners and Leaders Fund. We’re focusing the additional funds on product development so that we can continue to lead the market by changing the way marketers think about campaign optimization.

Coming off of a record year with accelerating triple-digit growth, it’s clear that the market demands a new B2C marketing platform – one that allows marketers to make sense of the patchwork of solutions they’ve deployed while allowing them to incrementally consolidate into a single solution over time. To meet the market opportunity, we’ve more than tripled our sales, marketing, and customer success organizations. And now we’re excited to welcome veteran Adriana Zeman as VP of Customer Success.

While businesses have access to more customer behavior data than ever before, most of them aren’t able to pull it together and use it to drive marketing strategy and execution. That’s because the majority of B2C companies are still running their businesses on point solutions like email service providers, preventing them from identifying cross-sell and upsell opportunities or even knowing the most relevant content to send to each customer. Zaius exists to solve this problem, and the impact for our customers is enormous.

On average, Zaius customers generate 2.5X the revenue of their industry peers – averaging first purchase rates 150% higher than today’s standards, repeat purchase rates 35% over their peers, and new loyal customer rates nearly 20% over industry averages. And our top performers recognize even bigger gains! No other system in the marketing technology landscape delivers results this large across the entire customer lifecycle.

“Zaius has improved our understanding of why and how our customers shop, and allowed us to automate more targeted, relevant customer engagement. The results speak for themselves,” said Frederik Boysen, CEO of Manillo, a multi-category retailer that doubled their repeat purchase rate after launching customer-centric marketing campaigns with Zaius.

Finally, we’re thrilled to announce Adriana Zeman as VP of Customer Success. She will be leading our world-class customer success, support, and services team. Zeman comes to Zaius from SHYFT Analytics, where she ran their customer success organization. Prior to SHYFT, Adriana ran Acquia’s worldwide professional services organization and grew the team to over 135 people in 6 countries. Earlier in her career, Adriana held senior level positions at a number of premier marketing agencies including Isobar, Cramer and Molecular.

“Adriana brings the perfect combination of leading international, world-class customer success organizations and marketing agency experience” said David Stein, Managing Partner at Leaders Fund. “As a proven strategic partner to retail and ecommerce businesses around the globe, she and her team will continue to revolutionize the way Zaius’ clients approach customer marketing and ensure they consistently achieve the business outcomes Zaius can deliver.”

Thank you to all of our customers – we couldn’t be more excited to double down!

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