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Driving Repeat Purchases With a Post-Purchase Thank You

Great news, one of your prospects has just made their first purchase! But your job isn’t done – quite the opposite, since a customer’s interest in your brand is at a peak immediately after they’ve made their first purchase. Marketers know that in ecommerce, the probability of selling to an existing customer is nearly ten times higher than selling to a brand new prospect, so it’s especially critical to make sure you’re capitalizing on those moments of interest – especially because it’s the second purchase, not the first, that’s key to driving customer loyalty. Post-purchase thank you campaigns are a great example of email marketing that lets your shoppers know that you’re grateful for their business, you sustain their interest in your brand and more easily encourage the next purchase – especially because post-purchase emails increase revenue up to 13X more than typical promotional campaigns.

How do you go about sending a post-purchase thank you? Here are a few tips for creating an effective post-purchase campaign:

Show your appreciation!

Believe it or not, actually saying “Thank you!” to customers who shop with your brand goes much farther than it might seem. If you’re truly trying to prioritize customer-centricity, you need to let your shoppers know how excited you are to start building a relationship with them, and that they mean more to you than the money they spend with your brand – which, interestingly, is one of the most effective ways to drive future purchases. eMarketer reported that 69% of customers who eventually become loyal to a brand do so because the brand let them know that they appreciated their business. Driving customer loyalty doesn’t require a loyalty program – delivering stand-out customer service and overall customer experience is enough to garner high customer satisfaction and loyalty.

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Solicit feedback

Asking customers for feedback on their shopping experience is a win-win for your brand. If the feedback is good, that’s social proof that you can then use to acquire new customers and grow your audience. If the feedback points to something that went wrong, that’s an opportunity for you to jump in and correct the problem – and learn more about your customer’s unique preferences and needs in the process. By asking what you can do to improve with an automated email, you’re showing your customers that you’re putting them first, and are starting the brand-user relationship off on a strong foot. Social media provides a great forum for soliciting feedback.

Incentivize the second purchase

It’s worth mentioning that this should be exclusive to driving the second purchase only if possible – not only is discounting potentially out of line with your brand’s image and/or pricing strategy, offering a discount every time someone makes a purchase could potentially harm your brand’s credibility. But that said, offering a coupon in a follow-up email is one of the most effective ways to incentivize a second purchase and ensure that your customer has a concrete reason to return to your brand and move through the lifecycle, especially because according to Access Loyalty, 69% of surveyed customers said sending coupons was the best way to get them to shop with a particular retailer. If you deliver that coupon in the context of a replenishment reminder, you’ll increase your conversion rates even more. Even order confirmations can contain product recommendations and special offers.

Personalize the message

The most effective way to drive repeat purchases is at the individual level, by personalizing your post-purchase campaigns based on each shopper’s unique browsing behavior and delivering an exceptional customer experience. This might mean reminding customers of items they’ve looked at but didn’t purchase, offering suggestions for related products with a “You May Also Like” box to incentive a cross-sell, or reminding customers of any welcome offers they still need to redeem. This is also a great way to recommend potential next steps that your customer might take without being too pushy – and Zaius’s dynamic content features can help marketers include this kind of content in their post-purchase campaigns.

Remember that repeat customers spend 67% more than new shoppers on average, so it’s critical to make sure you know that the work isn’t done just because a customer has bought from your brand one time. The faster you can turn a first-time shopper into a repeat purchaser, the more likely that shopper is to become a loyal customer – helping you drive revenue and use what you learn about each loyal shopper to reach out to other new prospects that look like them.

To learn more about driving more repeat purchases with post-purchase campaigns and more, visit our website – or reach out to us directly at or 877-658-2570.

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