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How Razorgator Increased AOV With Segmentation and Dynamic Content

A customer’s average order value – or AOV – is a critical input to their eventual lifetime value. It goes without saying that the more your shopper spends per purchase, the more likely you are to make up the costs of acquiring that customer with an eventually high lifetime value. The key is to make sure you’re surfacing insights about what your customers want at every step of their shopping journey, so that your efforts to drive average order value are still customer-centric.

Razorgator is a Zaius customer that was seeking to drive AOV. Founded in 2001, Razorgator is a rapidly-growing online secondary ticket marketplace for major sporting events, concerts, and theater performances. Razorgator is based in California, has over 1 million customers, and has sold over 3.5 million tickets to more than 250,000 events. While Razorgator continually goes the extra mile to deliver superior customer experience and support, their veteran marketing team knew that in order to maximize growth, they needed to understand why and how their customers are buying, engage them in real-time with more personalized content, and coordinate communications across channels and devices.

The Problem

Although the Razorgator team was already achieving growth by making the most of their existing email marketing technology, they knew it was limiting their potential to do even more. One of the biggest pain points was the 4-hour lag between a customer’s actions and Razorgator’s ability to act on them. In order to get around this, the team outsourced their real-time, triggered emails to a third party – leading to further fragmentation of customer data and communications. Additionally, the software lacked insights into their customers’ behaviors, leaving the Razorgator team guessing as to what to do next – instead of letting them be the truly data-driven marketers they knew they needed to be.

The Zaius Solution

After evaluating a number of marketing platforms, the Razorgator team chose Zaius because it empowered them to:

1. Create customer segments for advanced campaign targeting, based on behavior and attributes.
2. Respond to and engage with customers in real-time.
3. Coordinate campaigns across channels and devices.
4. Test, measure, and optimize campaign content and timing to increase AOV and total revenue.
5. Be truly self-sufficient, because of how easy Zaius is to use.

The Results

Working with Zaius’s team, Razorgator set out with the goal of selling more tickets to a growing segment of loyal customers. Using Zaius’s customer segmentation and dynamic content to send more targeted, personalized, and relevant messaging to its customers, Razorgator was able to increase their average order value (AOV) by 28% and their newsletter revenue by nearly 30% year-over-year. In addition to increasing average order value, the marketers at Razorgator used Zaius’s A/B testing and campaign measurement to drive up their unique email open rate by 32% since transitioning from their legacy ESP.

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