Integrating Customer Loyalty with Yotpo and Zaius

Marketers who use loyalty programs to create happy and loyal customers need to be able to integrate these programs into their customer data and marketing campaigns on a regular basis.  

Today, we’re announcing the availability of a deep integration with Yotpo Loyalty to empower marketers to quickly integrate and sync loyalty data to their customer database.  Included in this integration are nearly a dozen pre-built campaigns to help marketers get started quickly.  

“For the consumer, a great customer experience is one that makes them feel valued and rewarded. With Yotpo loyalty data and Zaius CRM, brands and retailers can effectively give a wider range of customers the personalized VIP treatment that keeps them coming back for more,”

—  Josh Enzer, VP, Product Marketing, Yotpo 

By easily integrating loyalty attributes like points balance and the loyalty tier into your customer database in real time, Zaius can improve upon the precision of customer predictions generated by our Zam data science model, making campaigns more personal and timely.

COOLA is leading the way by connecting Yotpo loyalty into Zaius and seeing incredible customer engagement. Through a combination of Zaius Recommendations and the Yotpo integration, they’re able to provide their customers with personalized product recommendations while providing a real-time snapshot of their Yotpo rewards through campaign automation.

“COOLA customers share our passion for healthy suncare.  
Now, with a unified customer view, we’re deepening the connection and cultivating the relationship with our loyal customers.”

— Casey Bartels Sr. E-Commerce Marketing Specialist

This integration continues to build on an ever-growing set of easy-to-install customer data integrations between Zaius and the leading customer-facing technology platforms, including Shopify Plus, Magento, and Zendesk. With Zaius and Yotpo, brands can instill customer intelligence into every interaction, and it takes just a moment to integrate.

For more details about the integration, visit the Zaius integration primer.

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