Launch Personalized Marketing Campaigns in Minutes

Zaius has been busy at work over the course of the last quarter.  Today we are releasing a slew of new features to assist marketers to go from data ingest to campaign deployment in minutes with an enhanced user experience, streamlined campaign recipes, and no-code personalization to generate product recommendations.

Our focus on reducing time-to-value through automation and ease-of-use helped our brands in the beta go to market faster by 50%.  This helped them move more quickly, driving increased revenue, repeat purchase, and deeper customer loyalty.   

As a marketer, I’ve seen a significant increase in engagement when using personalization in our campaigns. Zaius’ new “personalization lightning bolt feature” makes it easier for us to implement personalization for our customers at scale effortlessly! My team and I are thrilled about this new feature and are excited to use it in our future campaigns.”

-Gabriel Reed, Coastal Scents

Every Zaius release focuses on assisting brands in delivering delightful customer experiences. The new features available to Zaius users dramatically help marketing teams accelerate their daily ability to easily analyze customer data and transform that insight into a deployable marketing campaign in only minutes.

Let us know if you want to be part of future beta test!

Zaius Fall 2019 Release includes:

Effortless Marketing Campaign Workflow

Marketing teams using Zaius dramatically reduce the time it takes for them to create and deploy dynamic, personalized, and individualized activations. Personalized campaigns based on customer behaviors see an amazing 52x increase in revenue-per-send over their non-personalized, non-behavioral counterparts.  To help marketers capitalize on that opportunity, Zaius today provides Shopify and Magento users with a library of pre-built Campaign Recipes tailored for their eCommerce platform.

Dynamic Content with No Code Required

Campaign Recipes not only pre-build emails, they include Dynamic Content fine-tuned based on analysis of customer behavior. With no code required, a marketer can go from audience segment to a personalized and targeted eMail marketing campaign in as little as five clicks.

Effortless Transactional Messaging

Brands continue to do exciting things with behavioral campaigns, but it’s important to bring a similar efficiency and ease-of-use to transactional message. Zaius now provides the same workflow automation when building transactional emails, including already built-out Campaign Recipes for transactional messaging needs, and an ability to perform A/B testing without the need for developer intervention. 

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