Live and Die by Your Repeat Purchase Rate

You might’ve read the title to this post and thought, “Wow guys, don’t you think a statement like this is a bit much?”

Ok, we’re perhaps being a tad overdramatic (not to mention giving Liam Neeson ideas for the title of his next action flick). But the fact is, repeat purchase rate is incredibly important to your ecommerce business.

From more loyal customers to higher average order values, there’s a reason we talk about this subject so frequently. And with results that solid, we don’t intend to stop spreading the good news about second purchases anytime soon.

Which is why we’re taking our emphasis on repeat purchase rate a step further. Today, we’re excited to launch a brand new guide all about our favorite marketing metric.

Yep, everything you could ever want to know about this tried-and-true measurement of your marketing has been neatly wrapped up into this exhaustive (but hopefully not exhausting) guide.

Want the latest data, examples, and recommendations for making sure your ecommerce brand is set up for repeat purchase success? You’ve come to the right place.

Here’s a quick preview of what you can expect to learn:

  • The go-to formula for calculating repeat purchase rate
  • Real-life results from Tea Forte, an ecommerce brand that’s zeroed in its marketing strategy on optimizing for repeat purchases
  • Three helpful videos to give you context behind each section
  • Example campaigns to spark your next marketing brainstorming session
  • Multiple resources to guide you along your repeat purchase journey

As the all-important holiday campaign season approaches, there’s never been a better time to re-examine how you market to your customers. Gone are the days when tying all of your marketing hopes and dreams to customer acquisition was a sustainable strategy. And with so many competitive advantages, online powerhouses like Amazon are making it increasingly difficult to build customer loyalty.

With those limitations in mind—and the help of this guide—you can start centering your marketing efforts around this key data point. That way, you can prioritize more important metrics like customer lifetime value instead of just wooing customers to purchase here and now.

Sure, it’s exciting to welcome new customers into the fold once they’ve made the first purchase. But one-time buyers can only get you so far. Get ready to take the next step and make your repeat purchase rate the focal point of your marketing game plan.



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