Lure Customers Away from Amazon with a Fantastic Ecommerce Experience

For a B2C brand, selling through Amazon is both a blessing and curse.

With 55% of all online product searches starting on Amazon, you can snag a high volume of new buyers through the site. But at the same time, you have next to zero control over the buyer experience.

Amazon has a million regulations for B2C brands, only allowing certain types of product features, descriptions, and pictures on your pages. For example, not every brand is allowed to use video, but what if video is one of the best ways to showcase your product?

This can be incredibly frustrating for you as a B2C marketer, and can actually hurt your sales in the long run. So what can you do?

It’s simple: optimize your ecommerce site as much as possible. While every ecommerce brand must have a store on Amazon, you should also have a solid plan to drive more buyers directly to your ecommerce website.

By offering a more compelling experience on your ecommerce site and through your marketing communications, you can steal traffic from Amazon and build up your own B2C brand at the same time.

Optimize your site for search

Amazon may have tons of traffic, but Google is also your friend. When buyers are researching products like yours, you want to be the very first result that comes up. If you create pages using SEO tactics, you can capture traffic from specific queries related to your product and, ideally, convert new customers while they’re on your site.

If you sell a product like Tea Forte, for example, you have buyers researching the flavors, health benefits, types of tea, and how to brew it. These are buyers who are looking for a little more information than they can get through a simple Amazon page. You can optimize your site for that specific type of content and snag traffic through search as well. You can create pages that answer the most common questions your buyers have. For Tea Forte, that includes:

All of these pages are classic examples of great content marketing that can capture search traffic and attract qualified buyers to your site. By creating content that is high value and answers common questions for your audience, you will be able to find the right people who need your products today.

Offer a great customer experience

Now that you’re bringing more traffic to your ecommerce site, you can try to convert those visitors into new or repeat customers. This is where it’s so important to provide an even better customer experience than Amazon. But that’s really tough to do! Amazon already offers buyers a frictionless checkout experience with saved credit cards and a familiar UI. So what can you offer to compete with that?

While you may not be able to give buyers free, two-day shipping, you can offer a different type of customer experience that is just as powerful when buyers come to your website. You can offer exciting options like:

  • Exclusive product customization
  • Certain colors, styles, flavors, etc. not on Amazon
  • Detailed product videos and explainers
  • Product subscriptions or special gift boxes
  • Rewards programs and special coupons
  • Online communities with honest customer reviews and photos

Anything you can do to offer something better and more interesting than what’s on your Amazon page today can help your brand convert more buyers. By really investing heavily in a great ecommerce site with fantastic features, you can not just capture new traffic, but also more new customers.

Give on-site buyers special access

Even if new site visitors don’t decide to buy your products right away, try to get them to sign up for your emails with an on-site offer for a coupon or other incentive. With Amazon, they’re always in between you and your buyer — never allowing you to talk to them directly. But once your buyers sign up for email alerts, now you can talk to them directly and market to them according to their personal interests and the pages or products they’ve browsed.

With better data on your buyers, you can give them special access to personalized products, experiences, and deals that they’ll only receive on your site. This could be:

  • An invite to a special in-person pop-up event
  • A limited-edition product that’s just for those on the email list
  • Early access to new products or styles
  • Personalized product recommendations
  • …and much more.

By giving your loyal website customers a unique experience, you’ll build up a positive association with your brand and your site. Even if you didn’t convert them on the very first visit to your site, you can slowly build up the relationship with the buyer and ideally, encourage them to purchase in the future.

Amazon is great for brand exposure, but it isn’t great if you’re looking to build a sustainable, long-term, B2C business. In that case, Amazon’s really just getting in between you and your buyers. Make sure you invest in your ecommerce site and your cross-channel customer communications, and you can actually lure buyers away from Amazon and make sure they buy directly from your company and keep coming back for more.

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