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Marketing Unboxed: How Adore Me Attracts Subscribers

Love lingerie? Then you’ve likely heard of Adore Me, the popular subscription lingerie brand that offers sizes petite to plus. 

Named of the one of the Internet Retailer Top 1000 companies, Adore Me has raised $11.5M in funding and grown a loyal fanbase. But we wanted to know — how alluring is their marketing?

To find out, we ordered a silk robe and tracked every marketing email, ad, and interaction along the way. Here’s our analysis of Adore Me’s marketing and entire customer experience — from the first touch to post-purchase.

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🔁 Subscription Marketing

As soon as you visit the Adore Me site, you’re greeted by a pop-up asking you to opt-in for their VIP subscription service. This type of entire-screen CTA is a bit aggressive, and we’re not loving the “I’ll Pay Full Price” opt-out button. But it does show the brand’s focus on the signature lingerie subscription.

If you do pass on that offer, the next page also encourages you to try out the “Elite Box”, which is a curated and styled monthly box of lingerie. We love the inclusion of reviews and user-generated content on this landing page to convince buyers a box is a great choice.

🛒 Checkout Process

After browsing for a bit and abandoning our cart, we returned to the site and were happy to see Adore Me remembered us and saved our cart. As we went to checkout, however, the overall UI is unfortunately misleading. Again, it’s really pushing the discount you get through a VIP subscription, even if you’re just trying to buy one product one time. 

And if you read the fine print about the VIP membership, you’ll notice the VIP subscription isn’t that great of a deal. In fact, your credit card will be charged monthly — even if you don’t purchase any products. This is practice has, unfortunately, gotten the brand in trouble in the past. 

📧 Email Marketing 

Once we bought our robe, we were interested to see how Adore Me’s marketing team would follow up with email to encourage us to buy again — especially since we declined to sign up for a subscription.

They sent us at least two emails a day, which is just too much. While the copy and style of the emails were fun and consistent, the volume was overkill. Plus, none of the emails were personalized to us as buyers and seemed like they were simple batch-and-blast messages promoting sales to everyone on the list.

📦 Wrapping It Up

While we loved the reviews and user-generated content showing the value of their subscription boxes, Adore Me’s intense focus on getting buyers to subscribe was somewhat misleading. And we were particularly disappointed with the incredibly high volume of generic emails that we received after purchasing — which is never a good marketing tactic.  

Rating: 🙌🙌 out of 5

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