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From Behind the Lens: Marketing Unboxed Outtakes

Hey there! It’s me, the camera operator for Marketing Unboxed.

I help set up the equipment, frame the shot so that Tim’s hair isn’t cut off, and make sure the camera stays in focus so we don’t have to reshoot the entire thing. It’s painstaking work.

I can tell you first-hand that the hosts Cara Hogan and Tim Busa were destined to be the stars of their own show — and if you’ve ever seen Marketing Unboxed I’m sure you agree. They’re smart, witty, and just the right amount of punny.

But I’ll let you in on a secret that anyone who has ever been in front of a camera knows to be true: the process is not always as flawless as the final edit makes it seem. In my role, I’ve had the pleasure of seeing Cara and Tim at their very best, as well as their…not-so-best. 

We’ve had a lot of laughs on set, and it didn’t seem right that we were the only ones who have had the pleasure of watching things go wrong. 

I felt that it was very important to share these outtakes with the loyal fans of Marketing Unboxed. In fact, you can hear me requesting a blooper reel at the end of this blooper reel. 

So enjoy these outtakes from Marketing Unboxed Season One. I know I have. 

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