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Marketing Unboxed: Faherty’s Laid-back Surf Style

Whether or not you’re a surfer yourself, apparel brand Faherty perfectly captures that effortlessly cool, beachy style.

Founded by twin brothers Mike and Alex Faherty, the brand offers comfy and stylish surf-inspired clothes for men and women. They have retail locations in New York, Massachusetts, and California, as well as a strong ecommerce presence.

But is their marketing as smooth as the perfect wave? To find out, we bought a classic Nantucket baseball hat to wear to the beach this summer. Then, we took a deep dive into Faherty’s marketing strategy, looking at cart abandonment, retargeting, checkout, and much more.

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🛍 Shoppable Content

As we browsed the Faherty site, we noticed they have an online “Lookbook” featuring many of their products. Like a digital catalog or magazine, this Lookbook shows buyers exactly how to put the Fahrety gear together into outfits. It’s aspirational and completely on-brand, with a focus on the Faherty aesthetic.

We loved how interactive it is, with links you can click to go directly to each product. This type of shoppable content is great for buyers and really shows off the brand from the best possible angle.

📌 Retargeting Ads

Once we decided to buy the Nantucket hat, we put it in our cart and then abandoned it for a bit. We were interested to see what types of retargeting ads Faherty would use to lure us back.

We immediately saw Google display ads and Facebook ads with compelling copy and on-brand creative. However, the ads were surprisingly not personalized to the specific items we left in our cart. Faherty is missing out on a huge opportunity to show ads featuring the product that buyers are interested in, which convert at a much higher rate.

💪 Customer Support

As we sailed through the easy checkout process, we noticed a chat message in the corner of the screen thanking us for visiting. So we decided to test it out.

Unfortunately, there wasn’t a live support team manning the chat, which was disappointing. Instead, the chat prompted us to submit a support ticket via email to have our question answered. This was not a great customer support experience, and we’d definitely recommend Fahrety invest in true live chat to better serve buyers.

📦 Wrapping It Up

Faherty’s marketing was consistently cool, but there were still a few wipeouts along the way. Their targeted ads weren’t personalized and the live chat fail was particularly disappointing. But we really loved Faherty’s overall brand style, from their retargeting Facebook ads to their online Lookbook.

Rating: 🙌🙌🙌 out of 5

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