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Marketing Unboxed: Kylie Cosmetics Has the Key to Beauty Marketing

For makeup brands, the competition in ecommerce is as tough as it is beautiful.

Because of this, we truly expected Kylie Cosmetics‘ marketing to wow us. After all, this is the brand that transformed Kylie Jenner into the youngest self-made billionaire ever.

But was it all just Instagram filters and no substance? Or did Kylie build a brand that lasts? Watch the full episode to find out!

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🎁 Packaging

Kylie Cosmetics clearly knows how to make a fantastic first impression. With bright pink packaging and her name in bold text on all sides, there’s no mistaking whose product you bought when you unbox it.

And while the branding and design are clearly strong, the brand also doesn’t forget about the fans. In an especially nice touch, the box included a “hand-written” note from Kylie herself. For an unboxing experience, it doesn’t get much better.

📧 Email Nurturing

Once you buy a Kylie product, you get quite a lot of Kylie. From the welcome email on, almost every message features her front-and-center, with ideas and tips on how you can emulate her signature, flawless makeup style.

The cadence of emails was fairly consistent, with an upselling or discount email hitting the inbox every two or three days. But it wasn’t too much communication and was effective in keeping the brand on our mind. Even better, they offered an option for updating your email preferences based on color and types of makeup. This customized and personalized experience clearly shows the Kylie team is thinking of the customer first.

💗 Social Proof

As you might expect, social media was a huge part of the Kyle Cosmetics marketing strategy. With 110 million followers, Kylie Jenner is one of the most followed accounts on Instagram. So it’s no surprise that her business has upwards of 20 million followers as well, making it one of the most popular brands on social media.

But Kylie’s team isn’t just posting glamor shots of their famous founder all day. They wisely mix up the content with user-driven testimonials, useful how-tos, and product announcements to keep building buzz. There’s even enough emojis to keep a Millennial satisfied.

📦 Wrapping It Up

We were quite impressed with what Kylie Cosmetics has accomplished through its marketing. The brand clearly knows who their audience is, and you can see that attention to detail in everything from their packaging to their Instagram captions.

Our only real critique was the slightly boring style of the paid ads compared to the rest of the brand’s marketing. But that was it! Kylie Cosmetics is clearly a sparkling example of how to build a beauty brand that wins.

Rating: 🙌🙌🙌🙌 out of 5

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