Marketing Unboxed Rebecca Minkoff

Marketing Unboxed: Exploring Ecommerce with Rebecca Minkoff

If you know women’s fashion at all, chances are you know Rebecca Minkoff. The hugely popular women’s clothing and accessories brand can be found in hundreds of stores worldwide, and their online following is even more widespread.

But even if you do recognize their name and some of their luxury products, how familiar are you with their marketing?

We put their strategy to the test in this latest episode of Marketing Unboxed. So how will their marketing stack up against our checklist? And will they turn us into repeat customers by the end? Watch the video to find out!

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Cart Abandonment

Even though we left our soon-to-be-purchased passport case in our shopping cart for 24 hours, we never received a cart abandonment email reminding us to finish checking out. But on the upside, we did see targeted ads for the case several times while browsing the web, so all was not lost.

Checkout Process

Despite the lack of a cart abandonment email, we did get a coupon sent to our inbox for 15 percent off our first order, which definitely encouraged us to complete the checkout process. No complaints here!

Confirmation Email

As important as they are, confirmation emails can be easy to overlook in the marketing process. Not only do they give your brand a chance to personally thank your customers, but you can even upsell new customers within the email if you’ve done some careful planning. While Rebecca Minkoff’s order confirmation email was pretty barebones, its simplicity made it stand out in our inboxes.

Rebecca Minkoff confirmation email


What Rebecca Minkoff lacked in a snazzy confirmation email, they more than made up for in the email nurturing series they placed us in. Soon after our purchase, we received emails that tied in perfectly to the product we purchased. This emphasis on upselling to related products shows they’ve put a lot of thought into the content they use to encourage repeat purchases.


The good news? Rebecca Minkoff definitely places a strong emphasis on targeted ads. However, even after we made our purchase, we still saw targeted ads for the passport case around the web. As much as we loved the design and copy of their ads, we’d love to see them better integrated with their ecommerce platform to ensure customers don’t get targeted with redundant ads.

Rebecca Minkoff retargeting

Wrapping It Up

Although we wish their targeted ad and cart abandonment strategies were slightly more polished, we loved Rebecca Minkoff’s approach to upselling us over email, as well as how smooth they made the checkout process. Thanks to their carefully curated marketing assets and an overall strong customer experience, it’s a pretty safe bet we’ll be returning as repeat customers.

Rating: 🙌🙌🙌🙌 out of 5


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