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Marketing Unboxed: How Spikeball Wins the Marketing Game

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What’s the name of the game? For hundreds of thousands of energetic competitors worldwide, it’s Spikeball. For us marketers who might not be as adept at, say, running around and contorting our bodies to eke out that extra point, it’s analyzing their marketing strategy.

The game itself is heaps of fun, but can the same be said of their marketing approach to new customers? Check out the video for our full verdict!

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Cart Abandonment

Why do we always harp on cart abandonment in our Marketing Unboxed reviews? It’s not just a game we like to play of waiting to see how long it takes before we receive an email. It’s a brand’s first interaction with us, setting the stage for the rest of their communication with us.  

And from our perspective, Spikeball nailed this one (well, aside from a CTA typo), using a mix of humor and urgency to nudge us to finish checking out.

Email Nurturing

Spikeball’s marketing team sure like their emails. And for the most part, they stood out in our inbox with clever copy and valuable advice for elevating our Spikeball game.

We could’ve done without some of the emails, however, like one asking us to apply for a job there. The cadence of the emails also seemed a bit haphazard; sometimes we’d even get two emails from them on the same day.

But overall, we loved the heavy emphasis on the Spikeball community within their emails, as well as the way they humanized their brand by including helpful tutorial videos.

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Loyalty Program

With SpikePoints, Spikeball’s version of a loyalty program, we got rewarded not only for our purchase, but also for joining in the first place. The program is designed to make it easy to rack up rewards for basic actions like following them on social media… or just being born.  

Thanks to SpikePoints, Spikeball can upsell even the most casual players (*points at self*) while also giving them tempting perks in return.

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Wrapping It Up

To say that marketing a niche product well can be difficult is an understatement. Which is why we’re all the more impressed with Spikeball’s execution throughout the customer journey.

If we’re being picky (and we always are), we would’ve loved to see a stronger emphasis on relevant email nurturing messages, delightful as most of them were.

Spikeball won us over big time, so who knows? We might be entering a Spikeball tournament sometime soon.  

Rating: 🙌🙌🙌🙌1/2 out of 5


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