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Marketing Unboxed: The Sill’s Marketing Grows on You

Plants make people happy. Or at least that’s the notion behind The Sill, an online greenhouse that will ship a living plant to your door — a convenience any modern gardener will appreciate.

Even if you relentlessly kill plants, The Sill’s easy-to-care-for indoor plants will bring out your nurturing side. But how well cultivated is their marketing? 

To find out, we ordered this ZZ plant and tracked every step of the brand’s marketing and customer experience. What did we think? We dig into it in this episode of Marketing Unboxed.

📖 Educational Content

As we browsed The Sill’s site, trying to decide which plant was right for us, we were immediately impressed with the brand’s depth of plant-centric content. If you’re new to plant parenting, this site has everything you need to educate yourself, from “Basic Survival” to “101s” to “DIY and Design.” You can even attend online or in-person workshops to learn plant care from the experts.

These in-depth guides and classes serve an important purpose, of course — to make buyers feel comfortable taking on the responsibility of caring for a new plant. This content smartly helps get buyers over the hump to commit and buy a few plants for their home. 

🛍 Purchase Experience

We added our plant to a cart, then abandoned it, and immediately got personalized and targeted cart abandonment ads enticing us back to the site to buy. When we returned and added the plant to our cart, the checkout sidebar smartly offered to upsell us a few more products first, including a watering can and a tote bag. The whole checkout experience was incredibly smooth, and we especially loved the post-purchase survey asking how we first found out about The Sill.

However, after we bought our plant, we continued to get targeted ads for the exact plant we bought — the ZZ. This is a real waste for The Sill, since they’re paying money to target us with ads for a product we’ve already bought. They need to better unify their marketing and ecommerce data to improve ad targeting.

✍ Killer Copywriting

Great copywriting is often an under-appreciated skill. We were particularly impressed with the copy across The Sill’s website, email marketing, ads, and even packaging. This fantastic welcome email is a great example of standout copywriting. 

And even more important than clever copy, the brand’s product detail pages are clear, concise, and make sure buyers know exactly the type of plant they’re purchasing. This even includes the copywriting on the tag included with the plant — with clear and easy to understand directions. 

📦 Wrapping It Up

There was so much we didn’t get a chance to cover, including The Sill’s monthly plant subscription, “Plant Parent Club”, referral program, and more. At every single customer touchpoint, The Sill’s marketing strategy flourished. 

Our only real critique was that we still received targeted ads for the product we had already purchased — but that’s it!

Rating: 🙌🙌🙌🙌 and a half out of 5

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