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Marketing Unboxed: Unpacking Away’s Marketing Strategy

If you’ve traveled at all recently, you’ve probably noticed the most stylish passenger on your plane with a sleek Away suitcase.

This ecommerce luggage company is everywhere you go online today, with a bold brand that promises thoughtful standards for modern travel. But is their marketing as sleek as their product?

We’re on a budget, so we ordered their smallest product — a Dopp Kit — to find out. We followed along as Away took us on a journey from first-time customers to enthusiastic brand fans.

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🎁 Packaging

When it comes to packaging in ecommerce, anything more than a plain cardboard box offers extra delight to customers. And Away’s packaging definitely stands out. Thanks to the dark navy packaging, our eyes immediately went to all the snippets of clever copywriting, whether they were movie references, catchy taglines, or smartly placed hashtags around the package.

But some of the copy inside the box got a little too inspirational for our taste. Maybe it would’ve worked better on the packaging for something larger and more grandiose, like a suitcase. But in this case, it was a little bit much.

📧Email Nurturing

Like every other part of their marketing, Away has put a lot of effort into the design of their emails. They really nailed it, with what might be the best example of an email nurturing series we’ve seen to date.

Every single email had a clear goal, whether it was a carefully worded welcome email laying out everything we needed to know about the brand, or a step-by-step rundown of their referral program. Each step in the email nurturing flow was thoughtful and made us want to stay engaged.

💵 Upselling

We started to receive emails about the brand’s higher-priced luggage 10 days after we placed our order, which is the perfect cadence for letting customers fall in love with their new purchase and persuading them to make another one. It was also smart to throw in an email that highlighted user-generated content like pictures and reviews to prove the product’s value.

Not ready to buy just yet? Away also gives you the option to see the suitcases in person, with strategic store locations in major cities near you.

📦 Wrapping It Up

For being a relatively new brand on the block, it seems Away has truly disrupted the market with a strong creative brand and a clear line on what modern customers want in travel gear. And their marketing is just as strong as their product line. We didn’t even get into their cart abandonment, retargeting, and social media strategies, which were just as well thought-out.

Any gripes we had were fairly small in the grand scheme. Away really seems to have a strong handle on their target market, and knows how to reach them.

Rating: 🙌🙌🙌🙌 1/2 out of 5

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