New From Zaius: Discounts, Data, and Relevance

Brands have it tough these days. 

They are competing against other brands for online dollars, trying to cut through the noise made by marketers everywhere, and are often left blind to who their customers are and what will make for solid customer experience. At the same time, every marketer is confronted by Martech vendors spouting off about the importance of being data-driven and the power of analytics.

The irony, of course, is that it’s the data itself that is our challenge — not the desire to be data-driven. Right under our fingertips lies the answers within the data we have, but the challenge has been stitching together customer data in order to see a complete view of each customer. Once you have the right view, customer analytics can be powerful.

At Zaius, we take our mission — assisting brands to make every customer interaction relevant — seriously. We take pride in sharing the great stories from brands because they bring to life the relevance that we, as consumers ourselves, crave and expect. And while great campaign examples get all the glory, behind every great message is a marketer, their data, and what they do with the stories held within.

Throughout 2019, the Zaius team has been introducing new updates for Assisted Marketing including predictive analytics, product recommendations, ease of use, and more. Today the Zaius platform has another exciting set of new enhancements assisting you to analyze, collaborate and deliver relevance. Let’s take a look!

To Discount or No?

Every brand has a different approach to using discounts to encourage purchase. Spoiler alert – there is no singular discount strategy that works for all brands. But, with the average order discounted at a staggering 21%, making an informed decision on discounting is meaningful to your brand’s health. 

Now, with a set of customer attributes available in the Zaius CRM, you can automatically calculate discount usage. Equipped with this knowledge for every customer, marketers can save margin on those shoppers that don’t need a discount, and quicken purchase from others that do — driving repeat purchases.

Sharing Zaius-Powered Customer Intelligence  

For years, organizations have fiercely debated who owns the customer. But that is the wrong question to ask. The right question is: Who needs to know the customer? And that can be answered. 

Today, the marketer has access to rich customer data, and must also steward that customer intelligence across the entire customer-facing organization. And as each brand team is uniquely built for growth, roles and responsibilities vary across organizations. Inspired by this, we’ve designed a flexible approach to roles and privileges to serve your organization. You control visibility and access to everything from analytics to segmentation. Aligning around the customer just became easier.

Designing for Relevance: Dynamic Grid Enhancements

Can we all agree that relevance wins? Great. Back in March, we introduced Zam, your marketing assistant, to help identify relevant moments of engagement along the shopper journey. Then comes the fun part — consistently delivering content relevance at scale to all your customers. 

With a set of user experience enhancements, we’ve made it even easier to add Zaius product recommendations into your campaigns. From pre-populated dynamic grids to built-in controls for those embarrassing missing images inside your product catalog, you are ready to make every message relevant.

We’re focused on assisting you and accelerating your path to growth. Ready to get relevant? See Zaius in action.

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