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Point Line Trend on… The Return of the Merchant

The relationship between a brand and a shopper takes many forms.

From creating the spark of inspiration at Nike, to the philanthropic approach of Bombas and Toms, to the pragmatic utility of IKEA, there is no singular formula for a winning connection. However, trust is at the center of each of these relationships.

Brands that serve as a trusted source will not simply attract shoppers, but also develop lasting and loyal relationships

Developing that trust often resides in the hands of the merchant. Merchants continue to deliver excellence at the front of the site, including on the home page and into category listings. But dive deeper into the product detail pages, and you’ll see that artificial intelligence in the form of product recommendations has come to dominate.

To be clear, the positive impact of personalization must be emphasized –shoppers that engage with recommendations spend 5x more than those that don’t. Overlooking the role of merchant intelligence at this critical decision-making and relationship-shaping PDP may prove to be a penny-wise, yet pound-foolish approach to connecting with your shopper.

In this episode of Point Line Trend, Michelle Bacharach from FINDMINE joins to reveal the point: only 34% of apparel sites include outfitting suggestions. She also provides guidance on how brands can expand their use of merchant-led outfitting to best connect with their shopper.

Looking for more merchandising insights? Head to findmine.com and pick up the Fashion Benchmark

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