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Quiz: How Customer-Centric is Your Marketing?

You may have seen our video series, Marketing Unboxed, where we buy products from your favorite brands, evaluate their marketing strategy along the way, and rate them on a scale of 0 to 5 praise hands 🙌 based on how well they nail the customer experience.

So what are we really evaluating with Marketing Unboxed? While it is somewhat about clever copywriting and a nice-looking website, what it really comes down to is how customer-centric the brand is. Are they giving every site visitor the same experience, or are they personalizing marketing campaigns based on our individual actions and behaviors?

Now we want to know: how customer-centric is your marketing? 

If we haven’t dedicated an unboxing to your brand yet, this quiz will take you through different scenarios we analyze in the series to see if you really put customers at the center of every interaction. 

Take the quiz now, and find out how many praise hands you’d receive in an episode of Marketing Unboxed:  


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Don’t forget to share your results on social and tag us (@getzaius on Twitter and @byZaius on Instagram) for a chance to be featured in an episode of Marketing Unboxed!  

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