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Spring 2020 Release: Improve Campaign Performance and Enrich Customer Profiles

With June just around the corner, it’s time for our Spring 2020 Release. The Zaius team spent most of the year’s second quarter building upon features that we released at the beginning of 2020, including On-Site Personalization, new Touchpoint Summary Reports, and our SMS & MMS solution. These new additions to the Zaius platform make campaign creation much quicker and easier and allow users to gain a deeper understanding of campaign performance. 

SMS & MMS Expansion

Since April, you’ve had the opportunity to roll out your SMS Marketing strategy or create omnichannel campaigns by complementing your emails with text messages. If you’ve already sent an SMS, you might be wondering whether your SMS recipients respond to your messages. Well, you will now find the answers in our Engagement Report for SMS Touchpoints! And if you find that your shoppers have been responding, you can create a custom report to find out what exactly they’re saying. Equally important is the Conversion report, where you can immediately see the conversion rate of your SMS touchpoint and the revenue it generated. You can easily attribute revenue to products featured in your text messages by sorting through your products that were most frequently sold and generated the most revenue.

You’ll gain access to additional tracking capabilities with Zaius’ URL shortener that we highly recommend you use with SMS touchpoints. This feature will help you understand what content generated engagement by indicating clicks in the Engagement Report. It will also lower your character count, helping you save cost for total messages sent!

We also made phone number collection easier for your customers with a country code selector in web forms. Not only will this enhancement create phone number standardization and eliminate end-user confusion about proper formatting, it will add an extra layer of validation.

Adding Country Code Selection to a Web Form

New Integrations

We continue to add new one-click integrations to our App Directory, and you can connect even more of your customer data across your marketing platforms and make this data more actionable. Sync Zaius insights and attributes to HubSpot and incorporate them into workflows to nurture and retain your contacts. Or select Poplar as a channel in your campaigns to target shoppers with direct mail campaigns! And with our Klevu integration, you can even extend your personalization efforts by using your customers’ keyword searches.

Web Campaign Enhancements (Coming Soon!)

Campaigns that use web embeds and modals received a strong boost as a result of newly implemented Touchpoint Summary Reports for Engagement and Disengagement and brand new recipes. With metrics available for web Embeds and modals, you can now measure the performance of your web campaigns, including those with On-Site Personalization, and make data-driven improvements to them. The Engagement Report shows the number of impressions, clicks, and submissions for a web modal or embed over a period of time, while the Disengagement Report indicates how many visitors exited a modal, without having taken action. 

Recipes will jumpstart your web campaign creation and save you time with setup. We especially recommend using the data collection embeds and modals as these forms are must-have tools for capturing customer information.  

The Engagement Report for a Web Modal

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