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Why Push is Critical to Effectively Promoting Your Flash Sale

Flash sales are great for driving purchases in specific product categories, unloading excess inventory, or introducing new merchandise, regardless of your business model – and not just on Black Friday. But because most successful flash sales are active only for a short period (see: daily deal flash sale sites), and often over within just a… View More

Web Push Is A Channel For Improving the Customer Experience

Web push is still a relatively new channel, and unfortunately most marketers today are giving it a bad rap. The vast majority of marketers who are using web push are leveraging the channel incorrectly and ineffectively: they’re still sending the same batch-and-blast messages to all shoppers with no personalization, they’re ignoring moments of peak engagement… View More

The 4 Web Push Best Practices You Need to Follow

Web push is the next big thing in B2C marketing. Thanks to its “real real-time” nature, web push is one of the most effective ways for marketers to engage customers as they shop and deliver time-sensitive information. Not to mention, it’s something customers actually want — marketers who have deployed web push have seen up… View More

Using Web Push to Re-Engage At-Risk Shoppers

Marketers who use web push notifications have a HUGE advantage. They can reach out to customers at the point of maximum relevance and communicate with customers in real-time during peak engagement. In fact, not using web push messages to improve your customers’ shopping experiences is wasting one of the most effective marketing channels you have… View More

How to Send Effective Web Push Notifications

Web push is a fantastic communication channel, and an effective way to engage with your buyers in real-time. Where email is still largely at the mercy of a customer’s delay in opening and reading each message, web push allows marketers to deliver campaigns exactly when a customer needs them, in a way that creates urgency… View More

How to Create Urgency in Cart Abandonment with Web Push

Web push notifications (also known as browser push notifications) have proven to be an effective means of engaging customers in “real real-time” and creating a sense of urgency in your marketing messages. For this reason, it’s often used for time-sensitive notifications like flash sale alerts, reminding customers about events or broadcasts, or notifying customers about… View More

The Dos and Don’ts of Web Push

Web push (considered browser’s answer to mobile app push) is an effective way to reach customers with the right message in “real real-time,” – which is especially critical, since according to Aimtell the majority of people only check their email 1-3 times per day. With web push, it becomes easier to guarantee your web shoppers… View More

5 Ways to Creatively Leverage Web Push

Engaging with customers in real-time is critical to forming a strong relationship and maximizing customer lifetime revenue. But until now, real-time engagement on the web has been challenging, if at all possible – even the most immediate follow-up email is still dependent upon your customer checking their inbox. The solution? Web push notifications. Numerous marketing… View More