The Role of the B2C Marketer Is Changing Fast. Here’s How to Keep Up

It’s obvious to anyone working in marketing today: the role is changing fast.

With new technologies, new social media platforms, and new competitors emerging every day, it can be tough to keep up and make your brand stand out.

The best marketers are constantly reading up on trends, attending industry conferences, and keeping a close eye on the competition. But even more importantly, top B2C marketers are honing their skills and working to become well-rounded.

More and more marketers see the need to move beyond traditional marketing skills related to campaign management and execution. Now, marketers have to own the entire customer experience, from the first interaction to true customer loyalty across platforms and devices.

This means every marketer has to do more than ever before to connect with buyers. Like the famed “Renaissance Man” who excelled in multiple fields, marketers today have to become a combination of:

  • Marketing Technologist
  • Data Scientist
  • Brand Marketing Artist

These three new titles have changed the expectations of the skills a modern day marketer needs to succeed. It may sound impossible for one person to do all of this, but it’s achievable. By focusing on these three aspects of marketing, you’ll be able to succeed in this ever-evolving role and give your customers a fantastic experience from day one to 100.

Marketing Technologist

Marketers today use a variety of platforms and tools to build campaigns, execute them across channels, and measure success. As more advanced technology emerges, it’s become a larger part of the role to evaluate and choose the best possible marketing technology for your brand. But how do you know what’s right for your team? That’s the challenge facing marketers today.

Data Scientist

Everyone in marketing knows that the field has been taking over by data. Half of the technology platforms you’re evaluating today likely deal with unifying, analyzing, or cleaning up your customer data. As data becomes central to all of marketing, so too you have to adapt and up your data-centric skills. Today’s marketers have to be the next thing to a data scientist — constantly A/B testing campaigns, optimizing for conversions, and more. But doing this is easier said than done.

Brand Marketing Artist

While data and technology are clearly ascending as key marketing skills, your core abilities to come up with creative ideas is still what differentiates your marketing. Even the most analytical and technology-minded marketers are nothing without fun, interesting, or bold creative. Never forget that brand is behind all of your marketing, and is the difference between a brand that succeeds or fails. The key here is to cultivate your creativity and find ways to maintain your brand as you grow.

These three roles are all very different, but equally important to success in B2C marketing today.

Want to know how to become a three-pronged Renaissance Marketer yourself? Download the whitepaper now and get a distinct advantage as you learn and grow in 2019.

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