The Top 26 Ecommerce Podcasts of 2019

This post was recently updated for 2019.

These days, it seems like everyone has a podcast (including us!). But that doesn’t mean everyone should, especially in the ecommerce world. Do a quick Google search and you’ll be flooded with plenty of cringe-inducing shows from “experts” with shoddy production values and even shoddier advice.

What makes the best ecommerce podcasts stand out? It’s more than offering a good listening experience for your audience. After all, good sound, clean transitions, and a catchy title song can only get you so far.

These 25 ecommerce podcasts are our favorites in the genre. They stand out from the rest by sharing concrete advice, interviews with the brightest minds in the industry, and delivering those “lightbulb moments” that make audiences sit up and take notice.

And while all the usual suspects are here (is there anyone who hasn’t listened to APM’s “Marketplace” at this point?), we hope we’ve included some new ones that pique your interest and become part of your regular podcast rotation.

Grab your phone, open your podcasting app of choice, and prepare to fill your ears with all the ecommerce marketing news and advice you could ever need.

1. The Turnaround

Produced by HubSpot, this offshoot of “The Growth Show” spends each episode profiling a business (many of them with online presences) that almost didn’t make it. It’s a great hook, and some of the brand names will probably surprise and ultimately inspire you.

Where to start: The World’s Only Curious George Store — We love this brick-and-mortar gem that’s nestled in Harvard Square, not too far from our Boston office. But there’s a surprising story of hardship behind fighting to keep this unique space alive over the past two decades.

2. eCommerceFuel

When the subtitle of your podcast is “Build, Launch and Grow a 7 Figure-Plus eCommerce Business,” you’re setting the bar high. But Andrew Youderian’s podcast delivers on its promise, at least in terms of the actionable tips he provides. The bi-weekly ecommerce news roundups are also the perfect way to stay on top of what’s happening in the industry.

Where to start: Using Customer Lifetime Value to Grow Your Business — Andrew looks at how to calculate one of our favorite metrics, then gives tips for putting it to good use.

3. Shopify Masters

It’s no secret that we’re big fans of Shopify. And their podcast is giving us yet another reason to geek out. With recent episodes highlighting upselling tactics and business owners in niche markets, it’s no wonder it’s become one of the standouts in our podcast feed.

Where to start: When and Where Upselling Can Actually Hurt Your Sales — We tend to talk about upselling in a positive context. But there are certain examples where it can be detrimental, as outlined in this episode.

4. You and Yours

Maybe we should chalk it up to the British accents, but “You and Yours” has quickly become one of our go-to sources for consumer-related news. And because it’s produced by the BBC, you know you’re getting a high-quality podcast. Come for the thought-provoking journalism that highlights customer experiences, stay for the clever British humor… or should we say, humour?

Where to start: Cladding, Packaging, and Online Shopping — The psychology behind why most of us are ravenous online shoppers helps to shed light on buyers’ psyches. Plus, find out what “cladding” is all about.

5. Smart Passive Income

For many ecommerce professionals, this one needs no introduction. Now in its sixth year of production, “Smart Passive Income” has been downloaded more than 33 million times—and with good reason. Host Pat Flynn is energetic, personable, and details everything you need to know about making your ecommerce brand thrive.

Where to start: Earn More Media Exposure at Any Level — A crash course in how to get your ecommerce business—large or small—the media and PR attention you crave.

6. Marketplace

You’ve probably heard the dulcet tones of Kai Ryssdal’s voice on NPR at some point. But devoted listeners of his show know he’s one of the top sources in the business world when it comes to stories that impact your ecommerce brand. Plus, the show has spawned an entire family of other podcasts that are also worth a listen.

Where to start: You Need a Vacation —  It’s a sentiment you can probably get behind. But if you’re anything like most overworked marketers, you’ll push it off for as long as possible. Let this episode give you a peek at the business of taking vacations.

7. How I Built This

Speaking of NPR hosts who have a surprising cult following, Guy Raz is the brains behind “How I Built This.” The show puts the spotlight on “innovators, entrepreneurs, and idealists—and the movements they build.” Scroll to find your favorite ecommerce brands (Steve Madden, Lululemon, and Bob’s Red Mill have all been profiled), then listen to discover how they all got their start.

Where to start: Remembering Kate Spade — A look back on how the popular designer and trailblazer found her feet in the fashion industry.

8. Planet Money

“The economy, explained” is the straightforward tagline of this popular NPR show. With nearly 1,000 episodes, you might not find that every one specifically addresses ecommerce-related issues. But it’s still an invaluable resource for staying up-to-date with the goings on in the industry at large.

Where to start: The Fake Review Hunter — One man takes it upon himself to hunt down fake reviews, and no one is safe—including Amazon.

9. Starting Out

Because we all could use a little inspiration sometimes, this show from Digiday dives deep into how some of your favorite brands are tackling big marketing challenges. You’ll get an inside look into what happens behind closed doors in brainstorming and strategy meetings at companies like GE and P&G—and maybe get some ideas of your own in the process.

Where to start:  Anheuser-Busch’s Marcel Marcondes — If you’ve ever wanted a behind-the-scenes look at marketing strategy from the CMO of a beer giant, have we got an episode for you.

10. The Jason & Scot Show

It’s not exactly the most catchy title, but what “The Jason & Scot Show” lacks in creativity, it more than makes up for in ecommerce marketing know-how. These guys have served their time in the trenches of the ecommerce industry, and their smart takes and advice on the latest ecommerce trends are worth following.

Where to start:  Amazon Deep Dive — Everything you could ever want to know about the ecommerce side of Amazon, from retailer secrets to common misconceptions and beyond.

11. The Empowered Marketer 

If you’re a marketer in ecommerce, this podcast is the one for you. It specifically focuses on marketers at top ecommerce brands and how they build brands from the ground up. Start with this interview digging into why digital native brands are opting to open stores. And if you like what you hear, subscribe away!

12. Growth Mapping Podcast

Building and expanding your online business is the focus of this podcast from marketing vets Sujan Patel and Aaron Agius. Most episodes are built around a “how-to” concept, so you can expect to walk away with concrete takeaways and action items to weave into your own ecommerce business.

Where to start: SEO Secrets for Ranking Ecommerce Stores — Marketing an ecommerce store is no easy task. But with a little help from SEO, you can start ranking well and raking in the visitors.

13. Duct Tape Marketing

This interview-based show spends each episode picking the brain of a marketing expert on a variety of topics, including SEO, pricing strategies, and customer retention. In case the name itself doesn’t compel you to listen, perhaps the short length (most episodes run 20 minutes) will?

Where to start: How to Attract Customers and Keep Them Forever — Customer loyalty and customer retention go hand-in-hand. But it all starts with a great customer experience. In this episode, find out why the first 100 days of the customer relationship are the most crucial.

14. My Wife Quit Her Job

Another interview-based show with a perplexing title, “My Wife Quit Her Job” is the brainchild of Steve Chou. As the owner of a successful online store himself, you can bet Chou has plenty of tips and experiences to share as he interacts with other online brand owners.

Where to start: The Future of Ecommerce — Oh, no big deal, just a discussion about where ecommerce is heading and how it will impact your life forever. (We promise it isn’t as intimidating as it sounds.)

15. The Fizzle Show

Providing “weekly insights for online business builders,” this popular podcast thrives off the banter of its three co-hosts. Corbett, Steph, and Chase keep you informed of a litany of business-related topics. Plus, their podcast intro is just zany enough without being completely insane to keep you company during your commute or workout.

Where to start: What Makes a Good Email Freebie? — If you decide to offer a discount to new email subscribers, how can you make sure you’re doing it the right way? This episode will help make your strategy crystal clear.

16. eCommerce Master Plan

A welcome female voice in the ecommerce podcast universe, Chloe Thomas has created a podcast that is as thorough at covering ecommerce strategy as we’ve heard. Whether you’re part of a brick-and-mortar store or an online retailer, chances are she has an episode or two that cater directly to your niche.

Where to start: How to Use Amazon to Grow Your Sales Alongside Your Existing eCommerce Site — For a detailed rundown of how to sell your product on Amazon as a complement to your online store, don’t miss this in-depth podcast episode.

17. The Unofficial Shopify Podcast

We’ve already recommended the official Shopify podcast, but if you’re using Shopify in any capacity, it’s worth downloading the unofficial version as well. Ecommerce growth strategy is the name of the game here, and host Kurt Elster is an engaging guide to take you through every aspect of it.

Where to start: Using Emotion to Optimize Conversions — We love guest Talia Wolf’s approach to appealing to ecommerce customers’ emotions when writing copy. Also, a big “yes” to her idea of doing away with best practices once and for all. Jargon be gone!

18. The Ecommerce Influence Podcast

How do you convert site visitors to paying customers? That’s the question this podcast grapples with every episode. Whether you’re an ecommerce pro or just starting out, the practical advice and broad range of topics makes this one of our must-listens.

Where to start: 3 Simple Levers You Can Use to Grow Your Ecommerce Business — When it comes down to it, these are the top three strategies to focus on for anyone wanting their brand to thrive in the ecommerce space.

19. Nerd Marketing Ecommerce Podcast

All ecommerce marketers are nerds to some extent, and this podcast lets listeners own that title. Host Drew Sanocki serves up a wealth of ecommerce knowledge along the way, and with episodes covering everything from AOV to CRO, there’s definitely no shortage of ecommerce marketing nerdom.

Where to start: Using Premium Service Upsells to Increase Your AOV — Tune in to hear the keys to increasing AOV, and ultimately, revenue at your ecommerce store.

20. The Take Traction Show

Another podcast from across the pond, “The Take Traction Show” is one of the longest podcasts on our list, but with good reason. The show’s format—introductory news roundup, followed by a featured topic and a game show—is easy to follow and super fun (something that can’t be said of a lot of business-focused podcasts).

Where to start: How to Use Discounts the Right Way — Another smart take on when and where to implement a discounting strategy. Plus, the episode caps off with a ridiculous ecommerce game show, something we never knew we needed until now.

21. Web Women Podcast

At last, an ecommerce podcast co-hosted by two women! Holly and Rachel not only have an instantly likable banter, but also their knowledge of ecommerce, digital marketing, and ecommerce entrepreneurs makes the show an addictive listen. You won’t find any business jargon here, thank goodness, and tactical marketing tips and insights abound.

Where to start: What You Need to Build Your Online Store — This episode provides a solid starting point for optimizing your ecommerce site and setting it up for purchasing success. Especially recommended for Shopify users.

22. eCommerce Minute

For those times when you only have a few minutes to spare, we endorse this easy-to-digest option. “eCommerce Minute” is the perfect way to stay on top of the most recent industry buzz without having to wonder if the episodes are too long, or worse, padded with needless filler and jargon.

Where to start: Facebook Cracks Down on Junk Sellers — This one caught our attention right off the bat, and not just because we’ve written something similar on the topic. You’ll get a good feel for how these two industry veterans tackle the day’s ecommerce news in a thoughtful, engaging way.

23. The Amazing Seller Podcast

A mix of interviews, listener questions, and case studies from the ecommerce world, Scott Voelker’s show is one of the most popular marketing podcasts out there. From Amazon to SEO to increasing online sales, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a topic he has yet to cover.

Where to start: Strategies for Building a Brand Using Social Media — Encouraging repeat purchases with social media doesn’t get talked about enough. And it’s only one of the strategies talked about in this all-encompassing episode.

24. Brave + Boss

As far as we know, no other podcast is “designed for eCommerce girl bosses,” so it was refreshing to discover Kristi Soomer’s show. We particularly love her episodes detailing her strategies for rewarding repeat customers and sprucing up the look of your online store, so subscribe away!

Where to start: 10 Ecommerce Website Mistakes You’re Making — A short, easy-to-follow checklist that will let you know whether or not your ecommerce site is in tip-top shape.

25. eCommerce Evolution

A mix of interviews with ecommerce experts and strategy discussions from host Brett Curry, this podcast provides a good starting point for listeners who want a broader understanding of the ecommerce industry.

Where to start: Going Head-to-Head with Amazon and Thriving — It’s no easy feat to butt your head against the behemoth that is Amazon. Take it from guest John Filmore, who shares his story of keeping his textbooks business ahead of the game in the Age of Amazon.

26. eCommerce Fastlane

Created by Steve Hutt, a Shopify expert, he talks with leaders from top technology brands that are helping ecommerce leaders grow their business. This includes companies like Smile.io, Criteo, and Outbrain — among others.

Where to start: Stop Leaving Money On The Table And Get Actionable Tactics To Maximize Your Existing Traffic — This great interview with the Co-Founder of Justuno digs into how to improve your new customer acquisition to get more out of your website traffic. 

Hopefully, you’ve found your new favorite ecommerce podcast. Happy listening!

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