WEBINAR: 5 Powerful Audience Segments For Your AdWords Remarketing Strategy

Looking to maximize your marketing campaign performance and get the most out of your ad budget?

For that, you need a refined and targeted AdWords remarketing strategy that can both acquire new buyers and engage existing customers. Through smart remarketing tactics, B2C companies are able to bring back previous visitors to complete their sales journey and make a new purchase. 

What many B2C marketers are missing out on today is simple: segmentation. By using specific and highly targeted segments based on first-party data, you can vastly improve your existing remarketing strategies. Instead of wasting dollars marketing the same generic message to all of your buyers, segmentation allows you to create personalized and dynamic campaigns that are far more likely to convert. 


In this joint webinar with CPC Strategies, you’ll learn:

  • Remarketing possibilities in Google AdWords
  • Audience segmentation and selection
  • Leveraging behavioral patterns for more granular segmentation
  • 5 powerful remarketing audiences you can use today
  • Putting it all together: what to use and when

Don’t miss out on a far better way to utilize Google AdWords remarketing. Learn how segmentation can power your ecommerce marketing.

Watch the Webinar Now

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