B2C marketers always have to juggle multiple priorities at the same time.

You have to both attract new customers and, at the same time, keep your existing customers happy and engaged. This is no small feat.

That’s exactly why Justuno and Zaius teamed up for an exclusive webinar focused on this exact topic: “From Acquisition to Retention: Turning One-Time Buyers into Repeat Purchasers.” 

Erik Christiansen, CEO of Justuno, and Eric Keating, VP of Marketing at Zaius, focused on how exactly marketers can not only gain new customers, but also drive more revenue from existing customers.

“You’re putting all this effort into driving traffic to your website,” Christiansen noted. “But for every $92 spent driving traffic to your website, only $1 is spent to convert that traffic. Let’s try instead to convert 5% of your new traffic.”

He explained that the key to engaging new customers is capturing their emails up front in order to start marketing to them effectively. Keating agreed.

“Once you capture the emails, it’s critical to immediately take advantage of that situation by delivering compelling, engaging communications right out of the gate,” Keating said. “Don’t waste any time between when they supply their email and that first purchase.”

He explained that once customers make the first purchase, your job isn’t over. Returning customers spend 67% more than first-time customers, and so companies who do the best job at a combination of traffic and conversion, plus retention and loyalty, are going to win.

Watch this webinar and learn how to:

  • Capture new traffic and convert new customers
  • Utilize retention strategies to drive more customer loyalty
  • Measure your ROI
  • …and much more.

Watch it now.

Cara Hogan

Cara Hogan is the Content Strategist at Zaius, where she focuses on how technology can drive business growth. She is a grammar perfectionist, a data enthusiast, and a rock climber.