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WEBINAR: Smart Ecommerce Discount Strategies to Drive Revenue

Everyone loves a good discount. And on almost every ecommerce site, buyers are offered 10%, 15%, or even 20% off regular prices. These pop-up discounts are everywhere you go online and have become almost expected by your customers. However, there’s usually no strategy behind the discount, which could be hurting your ecommerce brand.

Even if your brand is seeing a spike in sales thanks to big discounts, it won’t last. Discounts are not a viable strategy for building a long-term, sustainable business that attracts loyal customers. You can’t give away your profit margin without a thought to the consequences.

Thankfully, there’s a better approach to discounting that prioritizes both your customers’ and your business’ needs, while also adding value to your product.


In this joint webinar with Digioh, the experts covered:

  • The problems with relying on discounts in today’s ecommerce landscape
  • Strategies for a smarter approach to discounting
  • 6 tactics brands are using to discount the right way

Learn how you can discount your products the smart way, without devaluing and harming your brand.

Watch the Webinar Now

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