WEBINAR: Tackling the Omnichannel Customer Data Challenge

Omnichannel marketing offers a huge opportunity to provide the kind of seamless experience today’s buyers expect. Your customers want to have a consistent experience no matter the channel you engage them, including social, email, push notifications, and more. 

So why have 86% of ecommerce marketers still not implemented a full omnichannel marketing strategy for their brand?

It all goes back to an inability to access and utilize customer data effectively. Today, your buyers likely have multiple identities within your marketing systems as they engage via their mobile phones, laptops, and as anonymous users on your site. It’s tough to effectively unify all that data, but it is possible. 

By stitching together detailed customer data, you can better understand your buyers as they move across devices, browsers, and platforms.


In this joint webinar with Retail TouchPoints, learn how the right customer data enables you to:

  • Resolve your customer identities across channels
  • Dynamically segment your buyers according to their actions
  • Personalize marketing in real-time

Don’t get stuck in the dark. Learn how you can execute a true omnichannel strategy with a single view of your customer.

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