WEBINAR: The Rise of the B2C Marketer

The role of B2C marketers is shifting rapidly. Years ago, marketing was a purely creative role focused on building campaigns for billboards, newspapers, and TV. Today, the vehicle for marketing messages has changed to smartphones and social media, but the style of communication remained largely the same — marketers speaking at consumers without really listening to them in exchange.

The marketer’s role is now evolving beyond simple campaign management to far more. Today’s B2C marketers have to be a combination of artist, data scientist, and technologist in order to succeed in an incredibly competitive consumer market.

In this exclusive webinar sponsored by Shopify Plus and Zaius, we talked with three talented marketers about:

  • How their roles have changed over the years
  • What forces they see shifting the market
  • How marketers today can stay ahead of the game
  • …and much more.

Watch the Webinar Now

The panel includes:

Lindsey Sullivan of Mizzen + Main

Lindsey Sullivan is the Marketing Director at menswear brand, Mizzen+Main. Lindsey joined the startup in 2014 as the Fashion Management Associate and used her unique skills in both creative and advertising to secure her current position. Prior to Mizzen+Main, Lindsey ran her own successful graphic design company.

Patrick Suter of BESTSELLER

Patrick is currently the Business Lead Ecommerce for BESTSELLER Canada & USA, responsible for sales and digital marketing strategy across eight brands of men’s, women’s and kids’ fashion. Previously, Patrick implemented the ship from store program across Canada for a leading apparel retail chain with over 200 stores and drove various operational and technical infrastructure projects.

Mike Swanson of Stio

Mike Swanson is the Lifecycle Marketing Manager at Stio, a fast-growing, direct-to-consumer apparel brand based in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. He has worked in CRM and email marketing in various industries for over a decade.

Watch the Webinar Now

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