The holidays are always intense for ecommerce companies.  

A flood of new buyers visits your site to purchase gifts for family and friends, driven by your great marketing. But because they’re often buying a gift for someone else, holiday customers are less likely than your usual buyers to come back to your website after they make their first purchase. In fact, about 80% of first-time holiday buyers will never make a second purchase from your brand.

You know these customers are most likely one-time buyers, but that doesn’t mean you should stop marketing to them. In fact, you have to market to them even harder — switching up your marketing tactics once the holidays are over and working your hardest to convert them.

This is exactly why Zaius and Justuno co-hosted a webinar on how to power through the post-holiday slump and drive new revenue. Justuno CEO Erik Christianson and I talked through ecommerce marketing strategies to engage reluctant holiday buyers in this exclusive webinar. Learn how you can entice holiday customers to buy again in 2018 — converting them into your newest loyal customers.

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Eric Keating

Eric Keating is the Vice President of Marketing at Zaius. When Eric isn't thinking about marketing or sales strategy, he’s likely to be found with his wife and daughter, exploring the White Mountains with his dog, Barley, or brewing beer at home.