WEBINAR: Turn One-Time Holiday Buyers into Loyal Customers



The holidays are always intense for ecommerce companies.  

A flood of new buyers visits your site to purchase gifts for family and friends, driven by your great marketing. But because they’re often buying a gift for someone else, holiday customers are less likely than your usual buyers to come back to your website after they make their first purchase. In fact, about 80% of first-time holiday buyers will never make a second purchase from your brand.

You know these customers are most likely one-time buyers, but that doesn’t mean you should stop marketing to them. In fact, you have to market to them even harder — switching up your marketing tactics once the holidays are over and working your hardest to convert them.

This is exactly why Zaius and Justuno co-hosted a webinar on how to power through the post-holiday slump and drive new revenue. Justuno CEO Erik Christianson and I talked through ecommerce marketing strategies to engage reluctant holiday buyers in this exclusive webinar. Learn how you can entice holiday customers to buy again in 2018 — converting them into your newest loyal customers.

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