What is identity resolution, and why should you care about it as a B2C marketer?

Identity resolution is the ability to stitch together customer data into a single source of truth — to fully understand how your buyers interact with your brand across devices, channels and browsers.

Your customer data has a huge impact on your ability to market effectively. We’ve found that your company’s most loyal customers have an average of 6 completely different identities in your marketing systems. It’s not because your customers are trying to confuse you by constantly giving you fake names and numbers. It’s actually due to the nature of how buyers interact with ecommerce brands online today.

Your loyal customers most likely open an email in one browser, visit your site first on their mobile phone, click a Facebook ad on their work computer, and then finally make a purchase on their home laptop. This scenario is just one of the various paths your buyers take on their journey to becoming a loyal customer.

As a B2C marketer, it’s vital to understand each step in this journey and the many ways your customers interact with your brand. With better customer data, you can actually understand how your customers buy, what they respond to, and market to them more effectively. Because the data is so dense, it isn’t always easy to accomplish. That’s why you need identity resolution in order to better personalize and customize the ecommerce marketing experience for your customers.

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Cara Hogan

Cara Hogan is the Content Strategist at Zaius, where she focuses on how technology can drive business growth. She is a grammar perfectionist, a data enthusiast, and a rock climber.